Chapter 9 Guided Reading Handout To Kill a Mockingbird #1. Why

Chapter 9 Guided Reading Handout To Kill a Mockingbird
#1. Why does Scout get into a fight with Cecil Jacobs?
#2. Scout says that Cecil made the fact that Atticus defends Negroes “sound like you (Atticus)
were runnin’ a still.” Explain what sort of connection Harper Lee wants us to make between the
#3. During his conversation with Scout, why does Atticus tell her he has to defend Tom
#4. Explain why Atticus thinks he cannot win the Tom Robinson case.
#5. Two-Part Question: PART 1. How does Scout react the next time she is confronted by
Cecil? PART 2. Explain why she reacts in this way.
#6. Scout seems to like her Uncle Jack very much. Provide three details from the chapter that
support this claim.
#7. Why does Scout say she began using curse words?
#8. During this chapter we are introduced to Aunt Alexandra. Explain how she views differently
than Atticus.
#9. Explain what we learn about Dill and why he spends his summers in Maycomb.
#10. Two-Part Question: PART 1. Why does Scout attack Francis? PART 2. Explain whether or
not you believe Scout was justified in attacking Francis.
#11. Two-Part Question: PART 1. Why does Scout not want Uncle Jack to tell Atticus about the
fight? PART 2. Why is this important based on her previous conversations with Atticus?
#12. During Atticus’ conversation with Uncle Jack, what do we learn about why he is defending
Tom Robinson?
#13. What does Atticus say he hopes doesn’t happen to Jem and Scout during the impending
#14. Infer why you think Atticus wanted Scout to overhear his conversation with Uncle Jack.
To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 10 Guided Reading Questions
#1. How old is Atticus? Identify three things we learn about him at the beginning of the chapter.
#2. Explain why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.
#3. What is wrong with Tim Johnson?
#4. How does Tim Johnson act differently than what Scout expected?
#5. Explain why Atticus takes the shot and not Heck Tate?
#6. Why does Miss Maudie say she believes Atticus stopped shooting guns?
#7.Use what you’ve read so far to help you answer this question: Explain why Jem thinks they should not
tell anyone about Atticus shooting Tim Johnson.
#8. Harper Lee introduces the importance of the book’s title in this chapter. Explain what you think the
mockingbird is supposed to symbolize.
To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 11 Guided Reading Questions
#1. Provide three details we learn about Mrs. Dubose at the beginning of the chapter.
#2. Explain why Jem destroys Mrs. Duboses’s camellia bushes.
#3. Atticus says “I couldn’t go to Church and worship God if I didn’t try to help that man” in
regards to Tom Robinson. Explain why this statement is important.
#4. Scout asks Atticus why he needs to defend Tom Robinson if everyone else thinks it is
wrong. What is Atticus’ response?
#5. What is Jem’s punishment for destroying Mrs. Dubose’s bushes?
#6. What does Atticus say about the term “nigger-lover” and the people who use it?
#7. Two-Part Question: PART 1. What does Scout notice about the length of time Jem reads for
everyday? PART 2. Why was the time lengthened every day?
#8. What lesson does Atticus use Mrs. Duboses’s death to teach the children about courage?
(HINT: Look at the last two or three paragraphs of the chapter)
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