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PD1 Assay Service Quotation Form
1. Please complete and email this form together with the supporting materials to [email protected]
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PD1 Assay Service
Do You Need an Approved Monoclonal Antibody as Your Positive Control?
☐ Yes, I will provide the antibody.
☐ Yes, I will need GenScript to provide the antibody.
☐ No, I don’t need.
Note: Keytruda is available at GenScript as a positive control, which will be free of charge. Other control antibodies will
be counted as a test antibody
Number of Test Antibodies:
Nature of Test Antibodies:
☐ Anti-PD1; ☐ Anti-PDL1;
☐ Human;☐ Mouse; ☐ Human & Mouse Chimeric; ☐ Others:
☐ IgG1; ☐ IgG2; ☐ IgG3; ☐ IgG4; ☐ Others:
Dose-response curve:
7 points (including 0) in triplicate.
Default starting concentration:
(µg/ml); dilution factor:
Customized starting concentration:
(µg/ml); dilution factor:
Please specify any special requirement:
Project Information
Is this project for grant application purpose? ☐ Yes ☐ No
When will the project start? ☐ Immediately ☐ Within one month ☐ Within three months
☐ Half a year later
Note: Final report includes protocol summary, plus concentration-response curve and EC50 value for each antibody.