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Safe Work Procedure
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The Writing Safe Work Procedures Guideline (OHS027) should be consulted to assist in the completion of this
Safe Work Procedure Title and basic description
use dissecting hood
Description: dissect human and animal tissue
Associated risk assessment title and location: RA handle human tissue 020, RA Waste management 015 located in Room 209B.
Describe the activity or process
Turn on dissecting hood.
Wear suitable PPE and put one bench coat on dissecting area.
Start dissecting in dissecting dish.
Make sure sample dish is not too close to the front edge of the hood.
Turn off dissecting fume hood and clean whole area with 70% ethanol when finish.
Soak all instruments and dissecting dishes in bleach for 2 hours and then rinse them with water.
For animal work, dispose gloves in biological waste bin, for human work, dispose gloves in autoclaved waste bin and
bleach the leftover human tissues overnight and then dispose them in autoclaved waste bin.
List all resources required including plant,
chemicals, personal protective clothing and
equipment, etc
Lab gown, protective glasses, suitable gloves, close shoes
Dissecting instruments (scissors, forceps, dissecting dishes)
Dissection hood, tissue
List potential hazards and risk controls including
specific precautions required
Tissue contaminated or infectious – wear suitable PPE, always change gloves as soon as you have finished handling
human tissue, never touch the hood using contaminated gloves
Potential aerosol hazard – always dissect tissue inside the hood, wear suitable PPE, change the filter of the hood
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Safe Work Procedure
Date Effective: 01/01/2007
Uncontrolled document when printed
Current Version: 1.2, 15/08/2007
List emergency shutdown instructions
Helton hood has “OFF” switch that can be used in emergency.
Shut all electrical equipment off at power point in case of emergency.
List clean up and waste disposal requirements
Clean up the hood and wipe the contamination area with 70% alcohol or bleach when finished work.
Dispose all gloves and contaminated bench coat in biological waste bin for animal tissue, dispose all gloves, contaminated
bench coat in autoclaved waste bin.
Soak all instruments and leftover tissues in bleach and then rinse the instruments with water and dispose the tissue in
autoclaved waste bin.
List legislation, standards and codes of practice used
in the development of the SWP
NSW OHS Act 2000
NSW OHS Regulation 2001
Code of Practice for the Labeling of Workplace Substances
Australian Standard AS2243.6-1990. Safety in laboratories. Part 6: Mechanical Aspects.
Australian Standard AS2243.7-1991. Safety in laboratories. Part 7: Electrical Aspects.
AS/NZS 2161.1:2000 Occupational Protective Gloves – Selection, Use and Maintenance
Safe Work Procedure Form (OHS026)
UNSW Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedure
Supervisory approval, training, and review
Supervisor: Prof E Burcher
Plant custodian:
List competency required – qualifications, certificates, licensing, training - e.g. course or instruction:
SWP review date: 20-04-2013
Responsibility for SWP review: Fei Shang
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Safe Work Procedure
Date Effective: 01/01/2007
Uncontrolled document when printed
Current Version: 1.2, 15/08/2007
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