Guidelines for the Data Management Module

Preparation for Data Management Module before the course
A. Registration on the IBP Portal
To register, go to
B. Bringing your our own dataset
Please bring your current nursery or trial list and your dataset of evaluation data for the practical exercises.
1. Format of Nursery or Trial
 Use the GermplasmList-Template.xls to specify the entries of your nursery or trial
 Yellow cells are to be filled up
 Green cells are to be continued either in sequence or 0
 Yellow and green cells are mandatory
a) Type the name of the trial or nursery beside List Name
b) Put the name of your entries or lines under Designation (Column C) starting at row 9
c) If pedigree information is known, enter under Cross column (Column D). Preferably use / to represent the
cross (e.g. MOURIDE/IT 84 S-2246-4)
d) If source of seed is known, enter under Source column (Column E)
e) Continue the sequence number of Entry ID (Column B) and Entry Code (Column G) till the last entry
f) Put 0 under GID column (Column A) till the last entry
2. Format of Evaluation data
a) Refer to the Trait Dictionary or Crop Ontology in the IBP Portal for naming your traits;
The Trait Dictionary or Crop Ontology can be accessed from these sites:
o beans -
o cassava -
o chickpea -
o cowpea –
o groundnuts -
o maize -
o rice -
o sorghum -
o wheat -
b) Use the abbreviation of the trait as column header of the variables of your dataset
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