Michael S Franklin - Drexel University

Michael S. Franklin
2717 Cambridge St
Philadelphia, Pa 19130
[email protected]
Drexel University
Bachelor of Science in Earth and Space Science Certification
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Certification
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Certification
Philadelphia, PA
Cumulative GPA: 3.21
Anticipated Graduation - June 2009
Relevant Coursework
Biodiversity & Conservation, Marine Field Methods, Physical Geology, General Ecology, History of
Science, Science Teaching Methods, Principles of Communication, Technology in Historical Perspective,
Mathematical Fundamentals of Engineering I & II, Physical Fundamentals of Engineering I & II,
Chemical/Biological Fundamentals of Engineering I, II & III, Engineering Design Lab I, II & III, Survey of
the Universe, Weather I & II, Environmental Science & Society, Diversity & Today’s Teacher, Evaluation
of Instruction, Diagnostic Teaching, Language Arts Processes, Sophomore & Junior Pedagogy Seminars,
Professional Studies of Instruction, Learning Disabilities I
Drexel University Dean’s
AJ Drexel Academic Scholarship
Member of Pennoni Honors
Noyce Scholarship recipient (NSF
Christian Precopio Memorial
Scholarship for participation in
Science Olympiad
Awarded seven Conference and
Regional Medals in Science
Related Skills
Microsoft Office, Basics of AutoCAD, Layman CPR and AED Certified
Julia R Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School
Philadelphia, PA
Science Co-Teacher
January 2009 – March 2009
 Co taught AP Environmental Science, Earth Science and the 5th grade curriculum
 Led classes in discussions as well as group work
 Chaperoned trips to Chinatown and the Independence Seaport Museum
 Participated in Senior Design Committee
 Coached Ultimate Frisbee team and led practices after school
Franklin Institute (The Franklin)
Philadelphia, PA
Camp-In Agent
September 2007 - Present
 Assist with set-up and breakdown for overnight program
 Perform labs with campers on Gel Electrophoresis, Fingerprinting,
Trace Evidence, Chromatography, Motion Detection, Mixing Colors and Static Electricity
 Stay overnight with campers to answer inquiries and provide assistance
Camp-In Assistant
 Generate schedules for groups totaling in excess of 400
 Develop write-ups for activities
 Assist with set-up and breakdown for overnight program
September 2008 – January 2008
Workshop Facilitator
December 2006 – June 2008
 Led half hour workshops on mummification, preservation and dissections for King
Tutankhamen exhibit
 Developed floor demonstration for King Tutankhamen exhibit
 Responsible for groups in excess of 50 students
 Develop and perform demonstrations on the floor teaching scientific ideas
 Developed activities for summer camp program and new theater show
 Assisted in the development and testing for new theater show
Daskalakis Athletic Center
 Manage and monitor performance of 20+ employees
 Promoted to supervisor based on job performance
 Awarded the Daskalakis Athletic Center Employee of the Week
 Enforce safety policies and procedures
 Effectively respond to emergencies such as injuries and safety issues
Supervise funds for new memberships and guest passes
Philadelphia, PA
October 2005 - Present
Exodus to Excellence (ETE)
Philadelphia, PA
Science Teacher
July 2008 – August 2008
 Developed mini-curriculum for 8th & 9th grade classes
 Taught 3 classes each day for one hour
 Discussed topics in Environmental Science and Earth/Space Science and Physics following the
8th grade curriculum ideas for the School District of Philadelphia
 Led classes in open discussions and group work as well as demonstrations
 Coordinated the visit of a guest speaker from the Waterworks Interpretive Center
Charter High for Architecture and Design (CHAD)
Philadelphia, PA
Science Co-Teacher
April 2008 – June 2008
 Designed final project for 11th grade Environmental Science class
 Co-taught with cooperating teacher during two 80 minute periods
 Led classes in discussions as well as group work
 Conducted SAT prep session with students after school
 Coordinated the visit of guest speakers to the classes to discuss graphic/industrial design
Extracurricular Activities
Drexel Dragon Buddies: mentoring service at Leidy Elementary School in West Philadelphia (math and
reading); 2005-2006
AmeriCorps, Scholar in Service to Pennsylvania: volunteered tutoring in Drew Elementary (math and
science, both 4th and 8th grade; co-created tutoring program through Drexel University Center for Civic
Undergraduate Research: Researching informal science teaching methods in Philadelphia under Dr.
Grdina of Drexel University
Drexel Ultimate Frisbee: Fundraising chair for 2006 academic year; recruitment chair for 2007 and 2008
Masterman Outdoor Frisbee Organization: Coached and led practices for Winter/Spring 2009
Future Educators of Drexel (FEDs): Community Service chair for 2007 and 2008 academic years
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