3. Recyling Presentation - Kim-LINC

Recycling Speech
Introduction: Person A ____________________
Hello everybody. We are Youth Linc 4. My name is _____________, this is _______________
and ____________________________.
Today we are presenting about recycling. Recycling is taking garbage, or things we are finished
with, and using it again.
So, why should we recycle?
First of all, we need to keep the environment clean. For example, recycling helps to keep the city
and our school clean and organized.
Second, recycling helps keep the garbage pile down. All the cans and bottles we save and recycle
don’t go into the garbage. When things go into the garbage they are there forever. When things
are recycled, we use them again.
Person B ____________________
Third, recycled cans and bottles are made into new things when they go to the recycling center.
For Example:
Aluminum cans become new cans.
Plastic bottles are made into jackets and vests.
Glass becomes insulation for homes and white and yellow paint for the streets.
Refillable beer bottles are returned to the beer companies and used again.
Milk and Juice containers become cardboard boxes.
Bi metal cans become scrap metal and rebar.
Person C____________________
What should we recycle?
At this school we recycle pop cans, pop bottles, water bottles, juice bottles, juice boxes
milk and chocolate milk containers and glass bottles.
What is good recycling?
First: Take the caps off the bottles and then put the caps in the garbage.
Second: Leave the tabs on the pop cans. Don’t take the tabs off.
Third: Empty the bottle, can or juice box.
Forth: Rinse it out if you have time.
Fifth: Leave the labels on the bottles. Don’t take them off.
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Person A/B/C____________________
What is bad recycling?
First of all, Do not crush the cans or bottles.
Do not put food or food containers like yogurt, in the recycle bin.
Don’t put your gum in the recycle bin.
Don’t put coffee cups or straws in the recycle bin.
Do not spit into the recycle bins.
Person A/B/C____________________
In conclusion, today we explained what and how to recycle.
If you are not recycling yet, we hope you will start in our school and our city.
You can recycle at home too.
If you bring your recycling to a bottle depot you can get 25 cents for containers over 1
litre and 10 cents for containers less than 1 litre.
Person A/B/C____________________
The money we get at the school will be used for two things.
One, we will give some of the money to a charity or the student fund to pay for fieldtrip
Two, our class gets to keep some of the money.
The website address for more information on recycling is: Http://www. bcmb.ab.ca (write on board)
So, let’s keep our environment clean !!
Thank you for listening.
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