How To Judge Western Pleasure

How To Judge Western Pleasure
The Western Pleasure class is a performance class where horses are worked on the rail at the walk, jog
trot and lope going both directions of the arena.
Major factors to consider:
1. Functional Correctness
2. Attitude
3. Quality of Movement
4. Head Carriage and Head Set
5. Manners
Functional Correctness:
 Pick up and maintain correct lead
 Maintain proper gait
 Travel straight down the rail
 Look straight through the bridle
 Perform smooth, prompt gait transitions
 Back up straight and responsively
 remain consistent and steady in rate of speed and length of stride
 travel in a relaxed, calm fashion remaining alert and attentive
 Travel on a loose rein
 Appear responsive and obedient to the rider’s cues
Quality of Movement:
 Reasonable length of stride in keeping with its conformation
 Length of stride in the front and back should be the same
 Flat Footed 4-beat walk
 Soft, deliberate 2-beat jog
 Rhythmic 3-beat lope
Head Carriage and Head Set:
 Should appear natural
 The head can be vertical to 30 degrees outward
 FAULT – head to be behind the vertical and/or excessive movement of the head
 The neck should be flat and parallel to the ground
 FAULT – the next being below the parallel or above the saddle horn
Still and quiet with the mouth, ears, and tail
Exhibits a positive and pleasant attitude
Prepare to judge a class of Western Pleasure Horses (TAKE NOTES)
My Final Placing _____-_____-_____-_____
Horse 1
Head Set
Horse 2
Horse 3
Horse 4