Political Geography Notes – Answer Key!

Southwest Asia (Middle East)
Political Geography Notes
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Standard – SS7G5: The student will locate selected features in Southwestern Asia (Middle East).
Element b.: Locate on a world and regional political-physical map the nations of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.
Describe the location of each of the following political features.
Connection to the GPS:
Describe the geography of the following political features.
Afghanistan – Located at the far eastern edge of the region of
Southwest Asia (Middle East).
Describe Afghanistan (what is it like?) – Landlocked (no sea
coast). Lots of mountains (mountainous). People are divided into
Iran – Located west of Afghanistan.
Describe Iran (what is it like?) – One of the largest countries in
Southwest Asia. Long seacoast along the Persian Gulf and
Arabian Sea (helps Iran to ship exports – selling goods to other
countries). Lots of mountains (mountainous).
Iraq – Located west of Iran.
Describe Iraq (what is it like?) – Two of the largest rivers
(Tigris and Euphrates) run through Iraq. Shatt al-Arab also runs
Iraq, where the Tigris and Euphrates meet.
Israel – South of Turkey is Lebanon, and south of Lebanon is
Israel. Bound by the Gaza Strip along the southern coast and the
West Bank to the east.
Describe Israel (what is it like?) – Homeland for the Jewish
Saudi Arabia – Located on the Arabian Peninsula. The Persian
Gulf lies to the northwest of the country and the Red Sea to its
Describe Saudi Arabia (what is it like?) – Largest country on
the Arabian Peninsula.
Turkey – Located to the north and west of Iraq. Shares a border
with Iraq, Syria, and Iran.
Describe Turkey (what is it like?) – Euphrates and the Tigris
Rivers begin in Turkey. Numerous dams have been built there to
save water.