Snow White streamlin..

Snow White, Blood Red
Page 1
Page 1 is divided length wise into uneven thirds, the top and bottom rows getting the biggest thirds and the
middle row getting the narrowest. See the amended rough storyboard for paneling examples.
First row
Panel 1
3/4th of the page or so wide- establishing shot A forest at night. The story title and credits are written in the
branches of the trees. We see a girl (16-25 ish) as a small figure in the fore ground, in a dress and hooded
cloak under a leafless tree. Her hood is thrown back, showing her head. Dark shadowy brush surrounds her,
perhaps there is a narrow path ahead of her. A crescent moon is in the sky. On the distant horizon we see a
sinister, towered castle outlined in the faint moonlight. Light is coming from some, but not all of the
windows in the towers. The girl has a basket over one arm with unclear shapes in it and on the side away
from us she is holding an open locket in her hand.
Panel 2
Panel within panel 1
We see the girl closer now, in profile. Her face is frightened, but determined. Her head is tilted toward the
locket she is holding, but her eyes are towards the castle. Part of the basket is visible, but the locket is clear.
Inside the locket is a smiling portrait of a prince.
Panel 3
smaller, remaining page width, but not trimmed to bleed. We see a close up of her hand folding the locket
closed with a click.
Second rowPanel 2
NarrowWe see a close up of her pulling the large hood of her cloak over her head, obscuring her face with deep
shadows. Flip figure re: Maria’s notes
Panel 3
Second panel, wide –
she walks up to the large and imposing gates of the castle. We see some of the wall of the castle too. This is
a far view and she looks small and powerless by comparison.
Panel 4
Panel within panel 3, narrow –
we see her had holding onto the huge round doorknocker (a bit like the nice knockers in Young
Frankenstein) knocking on the door.
Bottom row
Panel 4
Narrow –
A guard opens the gate narrowly, his body partly obscured. He is wearing a helmet that covers part of his
face but we can see his eyes and mouth. He is wearing armor, chain mail and a long cape. Weak light issues
forth from behind him. It is a dimly lit scene. Snow White is seen in mid-size and detailed to catch readers
eye- We’re seeing this from the guard’s POV so the girl is in front of us and we’re looking at her from a
slight height. We see the girl, her eyes obscured by the shadowy hood but her mouth clearly visible. She’s
holding up the basket, and in it we see three silver apples, a very long toothed, golden comb- the sort used
for holding up a bun, and some kind of jewel encrusted cloth.
GUARD: Who goes?
SNOW WHITE: A peddler, come to sell my wares to the Queen, should they please her.
Panel 5
Bottom row, last panel, narrow – we see from her POV the basket (and all the things inside it) being held
up to the guard as the guard looks in, inspecting it.
GUARD: Very well.
The top row, about ¼ the page length, and is divided into uneven thirds The rest of the page has 1 long
downward panel, with a full figure shot taking up the greater part of the remaining space and a third panel
in what would normally be the center of the third row within the full figure shot.
There should be a wider break in the spacing between the top horizontal row and the downward panel to
establish reading direction.
Top row
Panel 1
Somewhat narrow and small –
we see Snow White and the guard inside the main hall, walking, the guard in the front and Snow White
behind. The large main gates are behind them, closed and menacing. Torches in sconces create pools of
light on the walls and floor and a there are side portals leading off darkly to either side. Flying buttresses
reach up into the darkly shadowed ceiling. We are looking down at them from a height and the evil and
power of the castle makes them seem small and insignificant.
Panel 2
somewhat widerforeground, we see the Queen facing the reader, while holding a clawed mirror, admiring her cold beauty.
Her hair is swept up severely and a claw shaped crown sits on top of her head and she is wearing a white
nightgown. In the background behind her, we see the heavy door to her chamber opened and the guard
kneeling just inside. Snow White stands just outside the door, silhouetted in shadows.
GUARD: Majesty, a peddler has come to present you with treasure.
Panel 3
Somewhat narrow –
We see the queen in the foreground from a 180 switch. She places the mirror face down on a round tall
table beside her and turns to face the visitors. In the background, partially hidden by shadows is a raggedy
curtained 4 poster bed. It’s very significant to the story, but for now, not much attention should be brought
to it.
QUEEN, coldly:
It is only a common peddler. Your presence is not no longer required here, guard.
Second row,
Panel 1
vertical panel –
The queen is in the background with the four poster bed behind her. At this distance we can see that the
table is between the queen and a tall standing mirror, held up by a clawed frame. The table’s legs terminate
in a large but delicate claw base, complimenting the queen’s crown and the standing mirror. The queen,
with one hand resting on the tall round table speaks to Snow White with royal disregard. Snow White, her
hooded head and shadowed face in the foreground at a ¾ view from the back, trembles and answers.
QUEEN: You may approach us.
SNOW WHITE: Yes, your majesty.
Panel 2
Panel in panel 1, verticallyShow the long toothed comb and three silver apples as vignettes, the comb on top and the apples beneath,
with the text divided between them.
SNOW WHITE (above comb): Would your majesty care for this golden comb…
SNOW WHITE (above apples): …or this rare fruit?
Panel 3
Full figure shot: We see Snow White and the queen from a ¾ back shot as Snow White stands behind the
queen, lacing up the bodice. We can clearly see the ribbons in Snow White hands as she tightens it. Snow
White and the queen are standing in front of the mirror with the table slightly in the fore ground and we see
their and the table’s reflections facing us at a ¾ front angle. The three apples have been placed on the table
as has the golden comb. The comb is closer to Snow White. Snow White’s face is clearly visible in the
reflection. The queen’s eyes are clearly looking toward Snow White’s face. The shadows around them
spread out to gradually fill the spaces around the panels.
SNOW WHITE: Allow me to assist your majesty…
Panel 4
Panel in panel 3 – We see Snow White from the front, hood over her head and the top of her face hidden in
deep shadows holding up a back laced bodice with jewels stitched throughout.
SNOW WHITE: Or perhaps this jewel encrusted bodice?
QUEEN: This one pleases us.
Page 3 top row,, the first panel long somewhat and the other wide with two panels inside one divided by an
inner margin . The second row is vertical with a larger margin to indicate reading direction, with the rest of
the page being used for a full figure shot.
Top row
Panel 1
For this panel, the panel wall is outlined by frame of the clawed standing mirror. We see the reflection of
the queen with Snow White behind her, with queen’s body showing from the hips up. Snow White’s face
and hands with the bodice’s ribbons in them are plainly visible in the reflection and she has a hurt and
angry but determined expression on her face. The queen looks shocked.
Panel 2
We see the queen and Snow White from about the knees up from a side view as Snow White looks scared
and draws back in fear, her hands still clutching the ribbons. The queen, standing straight, fists balled with
rage, call for the guards.
QUEEN: Guards! Guar-Panel 3A close up of the queen’s back and Snow White’s hands grabbing the ribbons tight, from Snow White’s
POV, as she pulls hard on the ribbons, tightening the bodice so much that the queen can’t get breath to
QUEEN: -gaspSecond row
Panel 1vertical panel 1, a slightly smaller panel than those on the top row –
We see the queen looking angry and surprised from a ¾ front view bust shot, her head slightly turned
toward us as frowning, she tries to glare over her shoulder at Snow White. Her hands are raised about
shoulder height in surprise.
QUEEN: -gasp- leave this out
Second row,
Panel 1vertical panel 1we see Snow White’s hand grabbing the golden comb.
SOUND EFFECT: -hasteFull Figure shot – Silhouettes of Snow White and the queen, Snow White driving the long toothed comb
deep into the queen’s back. The queen is reaching out in front of her as if to get away. A big action burst
around the top of the shadows, giving it oomph! Snow White’s cape is flying out behind her as she moves.
The rows are divided into uneven threes, the first row having an establishing shot and smaller panel, the
second row being narrow and the third having an extreme close up.
Top Row ,
Panel 1
No panel boundaries, an establishing shot of Snow White and the queen in front of the table and mirror and
the four poster bed with the ragged curtains is in the background. Snow White is standing straight, facing
towards the mirror and table, pulling back her hood. The queen, silhouetted in shadow, (as Renae asked
that our stories not be too graphic for kids to read) is lying dead on the floor between Snow White and the
mirror , in a pool of her own shadowy blood, the comb in her back. The background shadows bleed behind
the panels.
Top row
Panel 2
a square panel smaller than the row width, the box of which might possibly be double outlined for
We see Snow White’s hand picking up the silver apple.
Second row
Panel 1
a wide narrow shape about 2/3rds for the width of the page –
Snow White seen from the waist or shoulders up, turns towards the bed, now shown more clearly. A breeze
is blowing back the curtain, showing the legs and booted feet of a man. Through the curtain, we can see
something of the rest of his shape as he lies unmoving on the bed, his arms crossed on his chest.
Second row
Panel 2
a square panel slightly wider than the panel before it with a mid-sized portrait –
We see Snow White, eyes closed, takes a bight of the silver apple.
Third row
Panel 1
an extreme close upSnow White kisses the juice of the apple into the mouth of the enchanted, sleeping prince, who is the same
as the one whose portrait was in the locket.
Third row
Panel 2
no borders –
We see Snow White, a tear running down her cheek, smiling down at her prince, who has awoken and is
smiling and looking into her eyes, with his hand on her shoulder.
Text written on scroll on bottom corner of the page
TEXT: The End
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