TERMS OF REFERENCE National Consultant for the formulation of

National Consultant for the formulation of UTF project
The consultant will be hired for the purpose of formulating a project concept note
(CN) and full project document (PRODOC) in accordance with the following criteria:
• Alignment with the new FAO’s project cycle manual and the current rules of the
Brazilian Cooperation Agency of the Ministry of Foreing Relations;
• Alignment with the rules and norms of the Ministry of the Agriculture, Husbandry
and Supply (MAPA).
The specialist will work under the supervision of FAO and the relevant office of the
Ministry (MAPA), in coordination with FAO’s Project Task Force (PTF), LTO and other
stakeholders selected by MAPA.
Consultation period: two months after signing the contract
The professional must be specialized in elaboration of international cooperation
projects, possessing at least 5 years of experience in elaboration, leadership or
participation in projects on genetic resources in Brazil, and familiarity with the
International Treaty on Genetic Resourcres for Food and Agriculture (IT/PGRFA).
Experience in UTF format will be considered as an additional asset.
He/she must demonstrate knowledge of the functioning of the federal/national and
state/local institutions holding responsibilities in policy development, regulation and
management of genetic resources in general PGRFA in particular, along with a good
understanding of the functioning and operation of the specialized agencies of the
United Nations in Brazil.
Languages: Portuguese and English
1. Elaborate the work plan;
2. Draft a concept note proposal in the CN format, according to the FAO guidelines
for the formulation of UTF projects. The steps and components of this task are
outlined below:
The CN and the Full Draft Document shall be negotiated under the FAO supervision
of the project formulator, LTU/LTO and PTF, based on inputs to be supplied by MAPA,
Directorate of Promotion of Agricultural Production, and other units within the
Ministry that the Directorate will possibly define. The Ministry will also select a core of
local institutions and stakeholders that the professional shall contact and interview.
3. Draft the Full Project Draft document, according to the following schedule:
• Set up the logical framework of the project, as an internal tool of guidance of the
project cycle;
• Sketch up the financial breakdown of the project and the core activities to be
executed with the project budget;
• Elaborate a draft of full full project (FPD) taking into account the observations of
the Full Project Task Force (including MAPA members).
1. A preliminary concept note containing the proposed title, objective and main
outcome of the project, along with a short report of the contacts, meetings etc.
already carried out (deadline: 15 days after signature of the contract a.s.c.);
2. A preliminary CN draft in English, with an extensive Portuguese summary
(deadline: 30 days a.s.c.);
3. A consolidated FPD draft, previously agreed with MAPA, to be analysed, possibly
edited and approved by the FPTF (deadline: 60 days a.s.c.).
Estimated cost of the consultation contract (not including travel and DSAs): USD
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