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Hail Varies in Size With Storms
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Cheryl Mostrom Davenport, Mountain Home. Found a hailstone the
size of a battery the size of it is C battery which is pretty big. And the
battery has a lot to do with the hail and other objects like the hail.
The penny is about as big as the little hail stones. The hail start to
form before they drop they form into the little circles like the balls .
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Tornado hits Joplin area, kills 1 in
Quapaw, Okla.
A tornado did a lot of damage over a two-mile patch in Quapaw, Okla., in
the far northeast corner of the state, where at least one person died. That
tornado touched down just after 6 p.m. Sunday. The Kansas Department
of Emergency Management says the tornado in Baxter Springs was
estimated to be three blocks wide running southwest to northeast. It says
preliminary reports are 60-70 homes and 20-25 businesses destroyed in
Baxter Springs. The tornado moved into Joplin, but no damage was
reported there. Roads into Quapaw were blocked to all except search and
rescue vehicles. A command post for the emergency response was set up
at Baxter Springs High School. Helicopters were searching the debris in
Quapaw for survivors. A natural gas leak was reported, and crews were
trying to repair it on Sunday night. People in northern Mississippi and
Alabama huddled in hallways and basements as a string of tornadoes
ripped through their states Monday, a day after another line of storms
killed 16 people to their west. Two people were killed at a trailer park west
of Athens, Alabama, on Monday. Arkansas officials say the towns of
Vilonia and Mayflower were hit hard by a tornado on Sunday, including
areas that were hit by a storm in 2011. At least 16 people died. State
police spokesman Bill Sadler said Faulkner County officials had asked that
troopers offer assistance at Vilonia. DeCample said the storm was a halfmile to three-quarters of a mile wide when it passed through the
community about 25 miles north of Little Rock. Power was out to much of
the town. That large tornado touched down west and north of Little Rock
and damaged property along a 30-mile route. The fire chief reported
"mass casualties" in Vilonia, which is due north of Little Rock and due west
of Conway.
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Anthony Edmondson
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