Current Events Syllabus - Greenbush Middle River School District

Current Events Syllabus
GMR Mission Statement: The mission of the GMR School is to provide a quality education which will
prepare all students to meet success by developing self-directed thinkers who are productive,
responsible, respectful, and accountable to themselves and others.
Course Title: Current Events
Instructor: Mr. Blazek
Time Period: Blocks 7, 8
Grade Level: 9th – 10th
Major Course Goals: Students will be able to analyze current events on the local, state, and national
levels and identify the impact they have on our society. Students will also analyze major world issues
and explain how these issues affect them and the world around them.
Classroom expectations:
Respect is expected. Respect your-self, peers, and property within this classroom. This
includes listening to the instructor or peer when they are addressing the class.
You are expected to come to class prepared to work with the appropriate materials (pen or
pencil, paper, and any other items we may need for class that day).
Cheating! If you are caught cheating on anything (test, quiz, project) it will automatically result
in a zero.
NO candy, food or beverages are allowed in the classroom. You may have water in the
You may use construction items (stapler, tape, etc…),but please use them in a responsible
Smart phones and other electronic devices will be permitted in the classroom, however, they
can only be used for educational purposes at the discretion of and not to interfere with the
instructor. When using the internet, you must use the schools wireless and you are not
permitted to go onto facebook at ANY time. You are also not allowed to call or text or receive
any calls or texts at ANY time during the class period.
Classroom Procedures
 Students should be in their assigned seats and ready for class when the bell rings.
At the beginning of class I may ask if anyone has any current events. Participation is expected
and bonus points may be given if it pertains to the classroom setting.
Assignments will be turned into the appropriate bin when completed (unless otherwise noted
by the teacher).
If you miss part or all of class, an assignment folder is available at the front of the classroom
where you can get any missed assignments.
You will be dismissed when the bell rings UNLESS I am still addressing the class, then you may
leave when I dismiss you.
It is the responsibility of the students to get make up work (not teacher’s responsibility). If it is
an unexpected absence you should ask a classmate to review what was covered. I have a folder
at the front of the class where you can get any missed assignments.
Students get two days to complete assignments for every one day they are gone.
Unexcused Absences:
Students will receive zero participation pts. for the unexcused absence time. Assigned tests and work
requirements will be expected to be turned in and will result in a 10% reduction in grade. Tests missed
will be made up the next day and students must arrange with the teacher to take the test during non
class time. If the student fails to follow these guidelines, the students will continue to lose 10% each day
up to four days. After four days, the student will receive a zero for that assignment or test.
Grades will be determined by daily work, projects, and participation. This grade will be based on total
points. Grades will not be weighted per category. Participation is extremely important in this class and
it will be a large part of your grade.
Grading Scale:
A = 100-94
A- = 93-90
B+ = 89-87
B = 86-83
B- = 82-80
C+ = 79-77
C = 76-73
C- = 72-70
D+ = 69-67
D = 66-63
D- = 62-60
F = 59 or below
Extra Credit:
May be obtained in the form of a research paper or project. This is not a substitute for incomplete
assignments and poor grade performance. All extra credit must be handed in no later than 1 week
before the end of the quarter.
Class Outline:
In this class students will be analyzing current events on the local, state, and national level. Students will
be expected to keep up to date on the current events on these three levels. The teacher will be
handing-out news articles that will be used for discussion. Quizzes may be given on current events and
topics that are discussed. Students will also be completing various current event projects that will be
presented to the class. A variety of current issues will be examined throughout the semester and
students will be expected to research some of these topics using credible references and thoughtful