16 June-4 July 2014
Schedule: site visits and lectures:
16 June (Monday)
Arrival in Istanbul at RCAC
8:00 pm: Dinner
17 June (Tuesday)
9:00 am: departure for morning visit to Kariye Müzesi
12:30 pm: lunch and walking tours with Koç students
5:30 pm: lecture 1 at RCAC: Byzantine Constantinople (Prof. Ousterhout)
7:00 pm: dinner at RCAC
18 June (Wednesday)
8:30 am: departure by foot for Sultanahmet
9:00 am: visit to Ayasofya
1:00 pm: lunch and walking tours with Koç students (include Archaeological
5:30 pm: lecture 2 at RCAC: Art and Architecture of Constantinople (Prof.
7:00 pm: dinner at RCAC
19 June (Thursday):
7:00 am: departure by bus for Cappadocia
late afternoon arrival at Gül Konakları
8:00 pm: Dinner
20 June (Friday)
8:00 am departure: Morning: visit Göreme National Park
12:30: return to Gül Konakları for lunch
3:00 pm: Introductory discussion
3:30 pm: LECTURES: [1] Byzantine art and architecture: the capital and the
provinces (Ousterhout) [2] Cappadocia History and Topography (Uyar).
5:00 Visit Pancarlık and Sarıca Churches
7:00 After-hours visit to Göreme before [late] dinner
21 June (Saturday):
8:00 am: Çavuşin, Gullu Dere, Kızılçukur [lunch provided]
6:30 pm: LECTURES: [1] Early and “Archaic” Byzantine Painting (Uyar); [2]
Evidence for liturgy and burial practices (Ousterhout)
22 June (Sunday):
8:00 am: Ağ zıkarahan, Çanlı Kilise, Selime, Karbala-Sivrihisar [lunch provided]
Overnight in Karbala
23 June (Monday):
8:00 am: Ihlara-Belisırma (landscape analysis exercise), Nar Golu, [lunch provided]
7:15 pm: LECTURE: Cappadocian Painting: Problems of Chronology (Uyar)
24 June (Tuesday): Free day [no lunch, no bus]
25 June (Wednesday):
8:00 am: Göreme again, outside the park: including Aynalı, Hallaç, Kılıçlar, El Nazar,
[lunch on own in Ürgüp]
3:00 Bus returns
6:00: TEAM REPORTS: reading the landscape (based on Ihlara visit)
26 June (Thursday):
8:00 am: Soğ anlı Dere all day visit (afternoon team project: burials, painted
programs and settings) [lunch on own in Soğanlı]]
7:00 pm: LECTURE: Sobessos Archaeological Site and Tokalı Restorations (Murat
27 June (Friday):
8:00 am: Zelve, Paşabağ ı, Maçan (Göreme Village) [lunch on own]
3:00 pm: bus returns to Gül Konakları
6:30 pm: LECTURES: [1] Settlements or monasteries? (Ousterhout) [2] Middle
Byzantine Painting (Uyar)
28 June (Saturday): RAMADAN BEGINS
8:00 am: Cemil Archangelos Monastery, Guzeloz, Başkoy [lunch provided]
6:00 TEAM REPORTS: Settings and painted programs for burials (based on Soğ anlı
Dere visit)
29 June (Sunday):
8:00 am: Gorgoli site analysis exercise [lunch at GK]
Ayvaliköy, Haci Ismail Dere, Timios Stavros area, Hagios Basilios, Sinasos
7:15 pm: LECTURE: Theorizing Byzantine Cappadocia (Ousterhout)
30 July (Monday): Free day [no lunch, no bus]
1 July (Tuesday):
8:00 am: Açık Saray, Karşı Kilise, Tatlarin [lunch provided]
6:00 pm: TEAM REPORTS: approaches to an unpublished site
2 July (Wednesday):
8:00: Tağar, Ortahisar, Balkan Dere, [lunch provided]
6:30 pm: LECTURE: Painting in the 13th century (Uyar)
7:00 pm LECTURE: The arrival of the Seljuks (Redford)
3 July (Thursday):
8:00 am: Niğde, Eski Gümüş
6:00 pm: LECTURE: The Seljuks and Cultural Encounters in Cappadocia (Redford)
7:00 pm: Urgup, Kayakapi: Final group discussion and assessment
4 July: (Friday): depart
[NB: participants must arrange their own return transportation]