European CLC Holiday 2 - 8 August, 2015 Biviers, France Saint

Invitation to CLC holidays in Saint-Hugues, Biviers (Grenoble), France
You are cordially invited to:
European CLC Holiday
2 - 8 August, 2015
Biviers, France
Saint-Hugues, spiritual center of CLC –France
By Grenoble, French Alps
The French Christian Life Community invites you to an european holiday week. We are looking forward to
spending a few days together with families, couples and singles in the heart of French Alps.
We will stay at the centre Saint-Hugues, which is situated
at the bottom of the great massif of the “Chartreuse” and
has a beautiful view over the city of Grenoble. From
here, we can walk in the mountains, visit cultural higlights
in the surroundings or just relax.
Saint-Hugues is run by the French CLC according to the
request of the diocese of Grenoble and the French
Jesuits. It is an ideal place for spiritual exercices and
retreats. Also a lot of different workshops take place there
during the year.
We will be lodged either in single or in double rooms. For those who wish to bring their tent or caravan, there
is also a possibility of camping on the grounds of the center.
During the week we wish to seek God through beauty – beauty in nature, culture and people. We wish all the
informal meetings, prayers, singing, dancing, and wandering in beautiful nature to help us find new strength
for everyday life. We will share our lives through discussions about our families and relationships among
different generations, about how to pass on faith to the younger generations, about our jobs and how we try
to live as Christians in the workplace. And because we all are part of Europe, we will be able to talk about
solidarity, our relation to people in need, foreigners, the time of crisis, and unemployment.
Perhaps it sounds too much for one week, but we hope that each person will find at least one thing which will
help them live more fully in their country and in their everyday life.
There will also be a programme for children.
We will mainly communicate in English, but if you don't
speak it well, don't worry – we are not native speakers
The preparatory team: Pascale Robichon, Nadine
Croizier, Marie-Claude Lachaze.
The cost of the holiday week (accommodation and
meals) in Euros:
Teenagers 12 - 17 years
Children 5 - 12 years
Children 2 - 5 years
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
195 - 225
145 - 175
95 - 125
10 - 20
Our French CLC will provide some extra money for those who cannot afford to pay the whole amount. This is
why we suggest two prices for the Eastern countries – please contact us as to which one is acceptable for
you. If you wish to come and you cannot afford to pay - please indicate with your registration that financial
support is needed. We will find a solution.
Please transfer a deposit of 50€ for each registered adult. Registration is valid and will be confirmed on
receipt of the deposit.
Data for the money transfer:
IBAN: FR76 4255 9000 1921 0213 4260 639
PURPOSE: clc meeting
Detailed information will be sent by June 2015.
Contact : [email protected]
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