Raptor Parent Procedures Letter - Vernon Township School District

Mr. Jim Barta
973-764-6106 [email protected]
Fax: 973-764-0858
In order to increase the level of security in our school buildings, provide for student safety
and make your visit efficient and productive, the following procedures are now in place at
Glen Meadow Middle School.
Please have your driver’s license available to be used as identification.
Please stop at the desk in the lobby area to present your credentials.
Some of the business you will need to transact with the school can now be
conducted at the lobby desk. It will not be necessary to issue you a visitor pass.
Parent/Guardian Drop Off
Parents/guardians will drop off items for students at the door monitor desk. The item will
be tagged with the student’s name and will be sent to the office for delivery. If the
parent/guardian needs to go to the office, he/she will be issued a visitor’s pass.
Student/Guardian Sign Out
Parent/Guardian will be scanned into the visitor management system at the lobby area.
Student sign out will occur at the lobby desk. The office will inform the student to report
to the lobby for pickup.
End of Day Student Sign Out
Parents/Guardians who regularly pick up their children at the end of the day will sign
them out using the paper sign out form in the front lobby. They will be asked to wait in
the lobby until dismissal.
Parents/Guardians who do not usually pick up their child will sign the paper sign out
form. The door monitor will inform the office to notify the student that they are being
picked up and to report to the lobby at the proper time.
Late/Re-entering Students
Students late to school or re-entering back into school will sign in with the door monitor
in the lobby. A reason for the late will be recorded and any notes will be delivered to the
office. If the parent/guardian needs to speak with someone, one on one, a visitor pass
will be issued.
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