As disasters strike nation, citizens head to DC to press for action on

As disasters strike nation, citizens head to
DC to press for action on global warming
JULY 16, 2012 -- As Americans deal with flooding, wildfires and heat waves exacerbated by
global warming, citizens from [CITY HERE] will head to Washington to ask that Congress
take effective steps to stop climate change.
Volunteers attending the Citizens Climate Lobby 2012 International Conference in
Washington, DC – July 22-24 – will hear from renowned global economist Jeffrey Sachs, who
recently wrote, “Our collective capacity to destroy the planet's life-support systems is
unprecedented. Yet the consequences of our individual actions are typically so far removed
from our daily awareness that we can go right over the cliff without even knowing it.”
Citizens Climate Lobby is asking Congress to enact legislation that will place a revenueneutral fee on carbon-based fuels, thereby accelerating the shift to clean energy and energy
efficiency. Volunteers coming to Washington will meet with 300 congressional offices to
press for a bi-partisan bill.
Recent flooding in Minnesota and Florida, and wildfires in Colorado and other states,
underscore the urgency to reduce levels of greenhouse gases before the global warming
process spirals out of control.
“These disasters are all part of the hidden cost of burning fossil fuels,” said CCL [CITY
HERE] group leader [NAME HERE]. “If those costs are reflected in the price of coal, oil and
gas, we can end our addiction to carbon-based energy and preserve a livable world for
future generations. And that’s the message we’re taking to Washington.”
WHAT: The Citizens Climate Lobby 2012 International Conference in Washington, DC.
WHEN: Sunday, July 22, through Tuesday, July 24
WHERE: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Washington DC-Crystal City, 300 Army Navy Drive,
Arlington, Virginia 22202. Pentagon City stop on METRO Yellow line.
AGENDA: View an agenda of plenary and workshop sessions at the conference here.
CONTACT: For press credentials and to arrange interviews, contact Steve Valk at
[email protected]
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