Business Plan Development and Project Management Services for

Invitation to Tender: Provision of Consultancy Services
Business Plan Development and Project Management Services for
the Sustainable Construction Innovation and Enterprise Centre
NCN Tender Reference: SCIEC1
1. Background to the Project
New College Nottingham is in the process of building a new Sustainable Construction Innovation and
Enterprise Centre at our Basford Hall Campus, due to open in 2015. The building will be an example
of best practice in eco-friendly building construction and operation, with particular focus on
minimising the adverse effects of building (construction and operation) on the environment and
maximising the use of eco-friendly resources within the building’s fabric and during its operation.
Industry experts will be invited to demonstrate innovative low-carbon and modular construction
technologies to Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), offering hands-on experience and
experimentation. The aim is that SMEs will develop a far better understanding of low carbon/green
technologies, and practical business process and product techniques. SMEs will use this knowledge
to develop and test their own ideas within the centre, allowing them to develop their processes and
products to a stage where they can be taken to market.
The Centre will provide incubation units for start-up businesses and workshop space that will
develop SME capacity to respond to the growth in emerging low-carbon markets. New businesses
will have full use of the technologies available within the centre, along with business start-up
support and guidance.
Key outputs and results (by end of 2015):
20 businesses assisted to improve performance
14 people assisted to start a business
30 jobs created
10 businesses improving performance
£300,000 GVA to local economy through businesses improvement
2. Requirement
New College Nottingham is seeking an external consulting partner to lead on the development of a
business plan for the launch and project management (part-time) of Phase One of the ERDF
Sustainable Construction Innovation and Enterprise Centre project (1st June 2015 to 31st December
Please note - the project management of Phase One aspect is subject to Department funding
approval (request in process).
As a minimum, the business plan will be expected to cover:
Launch strategy
Financial model that will demonstrate ongoing sustainability
SME and industry partners - engagement strategies and recommendations
Identification and recommendations regarding ongoing management options for the Centre
Recommendations on how best to align the Centre within the local current Sustainable Technologies
sector so that it fully complements and adds value to existing initiatives
3. Price
The college would like to contract for both services, to a maximum of £25,000. Please detail in
responses what price you will produce the business plan for, what price you will provide project
management for and how many days (in the period 01 June 2015 to 31st December 2015) your offer
will provide.
4. Scoring criteria
Cost and added value demonstrated
Quality of proposal
Expertise and experience of the sustainable technologies sector
Clear understanding of how the sustainable technologies sector relates to the local economy
5. Procurement timetable
Call for proposals
Responses received
Successful consultant appointed
10/02/2015 (by 5pm)
Completed proposals should be submitted to [email protected] by the deadline stated
6. Format of Proposal (please keep responses to one side of A4)
Organisational details
Name of organisation:
Contact name:
Contact details:
Track record and previous experience (total weighting 40%)
Proposals should demonstrate clear knowledge of the sustainable technologies sector in
the Nottingham area and a relevant track record, ideally in the management and delivery
of similar projects.
Added Value (total weighting 30%)
Proposals should explain what added value they bring to their offer and what advantages
they can bring to the consultancy offer.
Cost (total weighting 30%)
Please provide your proposed rate for:
The development of the initial business plan
Project Management of Phase One