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Cancer – Chapter 12 Lesson 3
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US. And can
include what 5 most common body parts?
~Lungs, blood, skin, brain and breasts
What is cancer?
~Abnormal body cells growing out of control
What is a tumor?
~ Abnormal cells that form in masses
What is the difference between benign and malignant?
~Benign tumors do not contain cancerous cells
where malignant do contain cancerous cells
What is the spreading of cancer cells into the bloodstream or
lymph system (the last stage of cancer)?
What is the cause or affects of cancer in the following body
Skin – most likely develops in fair-
haired/skinned people. Major cause over exposure
to sunlight
Lung – caused by smoking more times than not.
Lymphoma – affects the lymph glands (filters to
keep germs from invading body tissues). Hodgkin’s
disease is the most common type of lymphoma.
Colon or rectal – occurs when not enough fiber and
too much protein is eaten
Breast – most common in women over 50 years
old but can occur in younger woman and men rarely
Reproductive Organs – can affect both women and
men (in the cervix, uterus ovaries and prostate)
Leukemia – affects tissues that produce blood cells
What 3 causes cancer? Inherited, lifestyle behavior (sun
bathing), carcinogens (substances that cause
cancer), radiation (x-rays in large doses), chemicals
used in construction (asbestos and benzene), air
How can you reduce your risk of cancer? Choose not to
smoke, protect yourself in the sunlight
Explain how cancer is diagnosed and treated.
Diagnosed – biopsy (testing a small piece of a
tumor) performed, blood tests for leukemia,
Treatment –
-Surgery to remove cancerous cells
-Radiation- x-rays or radioactive material
aimed at a tumor to eliminate it
-Chemotherapy- Chemicals used to destroy
cancer cells.