3 IVF embryos - Spencer

• 3 IVF embryos, Location: Trans Ova Genetics, Centerville, TX
• Contact: Brad Brundage: 903-536-3586
Sire: RST Time's A Wastin' 0124, #43123163
Dam: K&B MS SIlver Advance 7093T, #42828563
Time's A Wastin, Denver Champion, a power bull regarded for calving ease, and an
elite sire who continues to impress with his calves. Dam Silver Advance 7093T
(picture attached) is a former donor cow for Hoffman, offering big time udder
quality. She was flushed to the top bulls in the breed and continues to
deliver. 7093T's dam is K&B Sweet Sally 5113, a P606 daughter. We believe this
mating will result in an expected progeny of CED (+1.6), BW (+1.9), calving ease,
maternal power, without sacrificing performance. Embryos located at Trans Ova
Genetics, Centerville, TX. Contact: Brad Brundage, 903-536-3586.
Thank you,
Neal/Patti Spencer
S-W Herefords, Bennington OK
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