Extreme Weather Project You have just won the prestigious National

Extreme Weather Project
You have just won the prestigious National Weather Association weather award for your unbelievable
knowledge performance in your most recent weather report! Due to this newfound fame, National
Geographic has asked you to leave your group and do an in-depth Investigative Special Report on
extreme weather. If you are up for this challenge and the special bonus awarded to do this job, then
read on!
To complete this special project well, you must:
Choose between these two titles for your report: 1) Tornadoes: How They Form and the
Destruction They Leave Behind or 2) Hurricanes: Their Formation and Their Devastation
Research the formation of tornadoes or hurricanes in the computer lab on credible websites
given to you by your teacher and/or librarian
Research a location in the world that was devastated by either a tornado or hurricane in the
past year
Fill out the Plagiarism Prevention sheet with copied information, resources, and your own
paraphrased information for both the extreme weather formation AND the actual location
Choose a way to present the information: PowerPoint, Word Document, other (check with your
teacher if you have an idea on another way you would like to present the information)
Whichever method you choose for your presentation, be sure to explain in detail both the way
the extreme weather forms AND how that type of weather affected the location you
Both the PowerPoint (or other, with permission) and Plagiarism Prevention document must be
submitted electronically (USB or email) to the teacher by Tuesday, March 20
The title of each electronic submission must first have the student’s first and last name, then
the student’s group number, and lastly the document title (Extreme Weather report or
Plagiarism Prevention)
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