section 820 fly ash 820.01 material

If using fly ash, use fly ash from an electrical generating plant using a single coal source not
using limestone injection.
Use fly ash that meets the requirements of AASHTO M 295, Class F, with the following
A. Revise “Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) plus aluminum oxide (Al2O3) plus iron oxide (Fe2O3), min
percent” to 66.0.
B. Revise “Loss on ignition, max percent” to 2.0.
C. Table 2 - “Supplementary Optional Chemical Requirement” is required.
D. The silicon dioxide (SiO2) shall be at least 40.0 percent by dry weight of the total fly ash
Before developing the concrete mix design, submit fly ash test data prepared by an independent
lab. Include a chemical and physical analysis report with the test data.
At the time of delivery, submit a certificate of compliance for each car and tank truck of material.
In addition to the requirements of Section 106.01 C “Certificate of Compliance”, provide the
following information on each certificate of compliance:
A. Fly ash source by name of company and location of plant.
B. Gross, tare, and net weight if shipped by truck.
C. Car initials and number or tank truck number.
D. Date of shipment.
In addition to the certificate of compliance, supply fly ash test data in the form of a chemical and
physical analysis report, prepared by an independent lab, before proceeding with the concrete
mix design.
820.02 Storage Requirements.
Provide weather-tight storage facilities for the fly ash either at the source or on the project site.