Fishing Trip Client Letter 1

Fishing Charter Travel
989 Mackerel Ln
St. Petersburg, Fl 22607
Dear Fishing Charter Travel,
We are the Rayne family and we have heard great things about the all inclusive fishing charter trips that
you offer! We have a family of 10 that would be interested in taking one of your 3 day fishing trips. We have
determined a few different locations that we would like to take our trip and are asking you to review that data
for the locations that we have chosen and determine the best area that we should take our trip. We want the
location that will have the best weather, including wind, sunny days, rain patterns, and humidity. Please
respond with a letter that ranks your choices for the best location for our trip along with the procedure you
followed in order to determine your rankings. Please also include evidence to support your claims and
information about weather for the area we will be fishing.
TheRayne Family