TEDEd: How Mendel`s pea plants helped us learn about genetics

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How Mendel's pea plants helped us understand genetics
1. In a few words, describe the differences in a recessive phenotype and a dominant
2. What did Gregor Mendel use to discover the principles that rule heredity?
a. Pea plants
b. Pigeons
c. Pear trees
d. Photosynthesis
What happened to the green trait in Mendel's pea plants?
a. It disappeared, further proving Darwin's theory of evolution
b. The pea plants produced 50% less green seeds
c. It was hidden by the dominant yellow gene
d. Nothing happened to the green gene
4. What did Mendel call the two kinds of traits exhibited by the pea plants (one coming
from the father, one from the mother)?
a. Genesis
b. Elective traits
c. Alleles
d. Quadrants
5. What do we call the result of the genotype (for example, the color of the peas)?
a. Visible traits
b. Physiotrait
c. Genotype 2
d. Phenotype\
6. What do we call the table used to calculate the probability of an offspring's
a. Punnett square
b. Venn diagram
c. Golden ratio
d. Fibonacci sequence