The Bountiful Benefits of Herbal Tea

The Bountiful Benefits of Herbal Tea
Trying to stay cool during the summer? Cool down with some mint. Mint is native to the
Mediterranean region. Ancient Greek physicians used two species of mint for medicinal use.
Mint was mentioned in the Icelandic Pharmacopeias of the thirteenth century. During the
eighteenth century Mint came into general use in medicine of Western Europe. Mint has a very
characteristic scent created by the volatile oils throughout the entire plant. At first mint has a hot
aromatic taste but then produces a cold sensation caused by the menthol constituents.
Peppermint is diaphoretic which means that it aids the skin in elimination of toxins and promotes
perspiration. You can use peppermint to break fevers or to just beat the heat and cool down.
Peppermint is also a carminative (stimulates peristalsis of the digestive system and relax the
stomach, supports digestion and helps with relief of gas), anti-spasmodic (prevents or eases
spasms and cramps), anti-emetic (reduces feelings of naseua and relief or prevention of
vomiting), nervine (have beneficial effects on the nervous system by toning and strengthening,
analgesic (reduce pain), anti-catarrhal (remove excess catarrhal mucus from the body), antimicrobial (destroy or resist pathogenic micro-organisms), emmenogogue (stimulate and
normalize menstrual flow, rubefacient (stimulate dilation of the capillaries, which increases the
circulation to the skin), and stimulant. Brew it as hot tea or you can chill it down for an
arousingly cool refreshment. Draw a cooling mint bath to break fevers or just cool down. A
soothing compress can be made too cool down or reduce pain from illness such as arthritis.
Make homemade toothpaste with peppermint tea and sodium bicarbonate. Blend some mint with
2 cups water in the blender and then strain using cheese cloth for natural minty mouthwash (store
in refrigerator dispose after 3 days). Figaments carries all of your minty cool down essentials. So
temper the heat with some Spearmint. Dwindle down the summer with Secret Garden. Reap
the digestive relief of peppermint. Wane out the hot summer season with On the water front.
Please consult a licensed medical physician for all medical inquiries related to using herbs in
place of or in conjunction with medications for your health.
Referenced Holistic Herbal, David Hoffmann,
Marie Rayburn Certified Herbalist and Holistic Kinesiologist
Blissful Health (505) 480-7381