Discussion-Guiding Guidelines:

Discussion-guiding guidelines, LJST 09:
On a given day, the three partners who have signed up for that day will
collaborate ahead of time on a seven-to-ten-minute, informal presentation of three
questions which they feel will be useful in expanding our experience of the assigned text
(these can certainly be, and at least in part probably should be, questions for which they
do not necessarily have ready answers). From there, as the whole class takes up the
questions they have posed, all three partners will remain involved in responding to
different arguments offered, questions about the presentation, etc. The actual presentation
of the questions and initial discussion should be divided roughly equally between the
The presentation will be graded on the basis of the interest, conciseness and
novelty of the discussion questions for this course (e.g., do not pose questions that closely
resemble ones we have already addressed on a given text, though you may certainly build
on such questions), and on the success of the presenters in continuing to lead discussion.
(Please note: regardless of which partner presents which questions, responds to which
points of discussion, etc., all three partners will receive the same grade.)
Partners must also bring a copy of their questions to hand in at the beginning of