Oceanography Through Time

Oceanography Through Time Online Timeline Activity
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Get on the internet and enter the following web address:
Click on the timeline or the link on the bottom of the page that says Evolution of Oceanography to enlarge the
Begin exploring the timeline by clicking on the dates across the top. A block of information regarding the date
will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the site. Read each segment and answer the questions that follow.
What types of landmarks did the Polynesians use?
What areas of the world did the Vikings explore?
Who developed the compass?
When was it developed?
Who was the first individual to sail around the world?
How was the Gulf Stream discovered?
When was his journey complete?
Who made this discovery?
What did Captain James Cook use to detect longitude?
Who produced the first sailing guide and atlas?
What year?
What kinds of tests were performed aboard the HMS Challenger?
What was the first institute in the US devoted to marine research?
What caused an increase in scientific funding for the United States?
What is ocean modeling?
What was the discovery about the ocean food webs?
What is the iron hypothesis?
What action is the iron hypothesis trying to counteract?
Read about Undersea Exploration and answer the questions that follow.
Who developed the US Navy dive tables?
What was the very first apparatus to allow people to dive underwater?
What is the deepest place in the ocean?
When was Alvin created?
How deep is it?
What was its purpose?
Sylvia Earle walked on the bottom of the ocean floor. What made this possible?
What is LEO?
Conclusion Questions
Why do you think early explorers were interested in navigating the ocean?
Studying the ocean is difficult. List three reasons why?
When did people start exploring the ocean for scientific purposes?