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Dr John Collins &
Dr Kristen Thompson
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Surgery Consent
Please read carefully.
Arbuckle Veterinary Clinic uses a variety of anesthetics. Pets are given an injectable anesthetic
and then intubated and maintained on a gas inhalant anesthesia. Three surgical monitors
provide information regarding respiration, heart rate, oxygenation, temperature, co2 and
electrocardiogram. A registered veterinary technician closely monitors your pet during surgery
and in recovery.
For larger surgical procedures and geriatric patients, an intravenous catheter will be used and
fluids administered. This helps replace any fluid loss and treat dehydration. It also allows us
to have access to the circulatory system in case of emergency. This will also aid in the recovery
of your pet since the intravenous fluids quickly flush anesthesia from the organs.
Potential Surgical Complications (may include, but not limited to the following possibilities)
Swelling at surgery site
Weight gain or loss
Suture reaction
Nail regrowth
It is a Murray County law that pets are required to be vaccinated against RABIES on a yearly
basis. If your pet is past due or you are unable to provide proof of vaccination, your pet will be
vaccinated while in our office. We handle your pet, and we have to protect our doctors and
It is important for you to know and understand that there is always a risk of anesthetic and
surgical complications and that the results cannot be guaranteed. As a client, also be aware
that unforeseen events resulting from the procedure(s) will not relieve the client from an
obligation to all reasonable costs incurred.
We strive to take the highest quality care possible for you and your pet, and take all the added
precautions allowable to avoid any potential problems. Thank you for entrusting your pet to us.
LAST RABIES VACCINE DATE:______________________
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