Name : Period: `Feudalism and the Manor System`, Section 1, (p.118

Name :
‘Feudalism and the Manor System’, Section 1, (p.118 to p.125)
1. Match the following words to the correct definition or sentence
1. Middle Ages
2. Medieval
3. Feudalism
4. Manor
5. Serf
6. Promote
7. Majority
8. Interior
A. The ……………..of the car was much cleaner than the
outside of it.
B. The students organized a pep rally to ……
C. The years between ancient and modern times.
D. A farm worker considered part of the manor on
which he or she worked.
E. Referring to the Middle Ages.
F. The …….. of the students in the class enjoyed the
extended recess.
G. A system in which land was owned by kings or lords
but held by vassals in return for their loyalty.
H. A large estate, often including farms and a village
ruled by a lord.
2. When did the Middle Ages begin?
2a. When did the Middle Ages end?
3. Why did the Roman Empire collapse?
3a. After the collapse of the Roman Empire what was it replaced with?
3b. Why did the collapse of the Roman Empire lead to a new age in Western
4. What were the 5 things that Charlemagne accomplished during his reign?
5. Who were the Vikings?
6. Why did Charlemagne’s Empire fall apart?
7. What were the similarities and differences between the collapse of the Roman
Empire and Charlemagne’s Empire?
8. What was feudalism?
8a. Who held the power in the Feudal system?
8b. How did feudalism work?
8c. How was a manor organized?
8d. Why did a manor produce a wide variety of goods?
9. Why do you think lords believed it was important to give the vassals land an
treat them well?
10.What was the difference between the manor system and feudalism?
11. Explain the role of noble women in the feudal system?
12. What was life like for medieval peasants?
13. What was the relationship of a serf to his or her manor?
14. How and why might a serf become free?