Create a healthy meal for your friends to make. Ensure your recipe

Homework Connect Four
Pick any four tasks in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. You have two weeks to complete each homework, but they can be done in any order. Good luck!
Create a healthy meal for your
friends to make. Ensure your recipe
has clear instructions of how to
prepare it.
Create an advert for the Victorian toy
which you will make. Think about its
name and why people would want to buy
Are you able to find artefacts used
during the Victorian era? Carry out
some research and give a
presentation about what you have
Design an advert for your favourite
food. Make sure your poster includes
reasons why it is healthy.
Research the Industrial Revolution
(with a focus on energy sources)
Can you create an A-Z of the Victorian
You can include artefacts, people or
events which happened during this time.
Research playground games from
the Victorian times and write a set
of instructions to explain a game to
the class.
Write a short play script about
overcoming friendship issues
Write a newspaper article as
though you were a reporter at the
‘Last Supper.’ Try to quote what was
said and try to convey the feeling
at the meal.
Sketch Victorian objects/ artefacts
Write a journal account as if you
are a Victorian school child. Write
down the events of your day and
include how they made you feel.
Draw or take photographs of
different electronic devices in your
home or in your local area which
require an input and have a particular
output eg a doorbell
Present your information in a unique
Write a story where your character
has to set some personal goals in
order to overcome or solve a
Write a brief autobiography about your
life and research the life of a famous
person in history.
Create an information poster of
your favourite animal. Find out its
French name and list some French
facts about it ie its habitat, its
colour and its favourite food.
Can you research a famous Victorian?
You can present your findings as a
fact file card or as a presentation
created on the computer.
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