Equipment Loan Agreement – Electronics Use Addendum

Indiana LTAP
Equipment Loan Agreement – Electronics Use Addendum
This agreement is an addendum to the Indiana LTAP Equipment Loan Agreement.
All electronic devices (iPads, laptops, etc.) borrowed through the INLTAP Equipment Loan Agreement
shall comply with this electronics use agreement.
I agree to the following terms:
1. Existing software and apps loaded on the device shall not be removed or altered in any manner.
2. Existing software and apps are the property of INLTAP and cannot be transferred.
3. New software or apps may be installed on the device and are the property of the agency that
purchased and installed them. When the device is returned to INLTAP the software or app may
be removed.
4. Any data stored on the device will be deleted when returned to INTLAP. Save any data to
another location prior to returning the device.
5. No files or applications can be installed on the device that are harmful to the device’s operation
or violate software or app licensing agreements or are considered offensive material.
6. The borrowing agency can request INLTAP install software or apps prior to the loan period.
These software or apps are the property of INLTAP.
7. Device setting changes need INLTAP approval.
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