April 10th, 2014 VOL. 3 SENIOR MEETING In the coming months as

April 10th, 2014
VOL. 3
In the coming months as you prepare for graduation, we
will be meeting with you regularly to ensure you have all
the required information.
Meeting Agenda
Welcome to Senior Meetings
Upcoming Dates: 5/8 and 5/29 (THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO ATTEND)
Mr. Mesick – Be smart & behave, pay attention, stay focused, come mentor next week.
Allison Hartzell – 8 weeks until graduation, last call cap & gown measurements, pay your
obligations NOW, don’t wait, obligations all need to be paid to get your cap & gown.
Paula Sweeney - Passport to graduation and other counselor announcements
Librarian’s Corner
Dear Seniors,
All of your library books and fines must
be turned in or paid before you can
walk at graduation. This includes any
books checked out from any SPPS
library from grades k- 12. Overdue
notices will be sent to your advisory
teacher beginning next week. Do not
wait until May to take care of old fines
from other schools. You can pay the
fine to me; Ms. Mund and I'll send it to
the correct library. Please be aware
that this process this takes time so
don’t wait!
Principal Mr. Mesick:
In order for you to get here…
we need to see you at each
Senior Meeting!
Your Graduation Coordinators,
Ms. Hartzell & Ms. Hastings
Be smart and behave! Seniors have a tendency to get silly or to slide on attendance and
grades when they are this close to finishing strong, please stay on track and stay focused.
Finish strong!
Be aware of all upcoming information about graduation, passports, senior events, and so on.
I will donate $20 on behalf of every senior who chooses to come into school next week on
Wednesday April 15th or Thursday April 16th to mentor the freshmen on either a college field
trip or doing enrichment activities at school. These 2 days the sophomore and junior classes
will be taking MCA tests. The $20 is not payable to students it is donated by the Principal to
either the fund for the Senior All-Night Party or the Senior Barbeque. It does not cover costs
to attend. Students must sign up, as there is limited space available and have a signed
permission slip if attending the college tours. Please submit the permission slips and any
questions you may have to Ms. Hartzell or Ms. Hastings.
Graduation Coordinator Allison Hartzell:
 Be aware there is only 8 weeks until graduation; stay focused!
 This is the last call for cap & gown measurements! If you have not submitted your sizes
(height, shirt size, cap size) to Ms. Hastings or myself by Friday we will guess your sizes and
you can hope your gown fits! 
 Make sure you pay your obligations with Ms. Mund for any books you have checked out and
not returned for the entire time you’ve been in St. Paul Public Schools.
 You will see obligations posted in the commons in the next couple of weeks. Pay your
obligations early as it is a process and waiting until the last minute can be a crisis for you to
get your cap and gown. Obligations can be for athletic equipment, locks, books, etc… check
the list to ensure you are not on it and if you are; pay your debts early! 
Counselor Paula Sweeney:
 Senior Passport to Graduation is your ticket to your cap and gown. You will need 4 stamps
on it!
1. Counselors verifying you have all your credits.
2. Counselors verifying you’ve gone on Naviance and completed your senior survey.
3. Ms. Mund the librarian verifying that you’ve turned in all of your checked out books
or paid the fees to cover them
4. Ms. Hartzell verifying that you’ve met all your obligations (uniforms, calculator,
instrument, etc…).
 You will get your passport card in English or if you don’t have English, you will get it from
your counselor. You get them the week of May 27th. If you lose it, it will cost you a dollar to
get a new one.