Promotional Flyer: SKE Mathematics 2014 [DOCX 106.72KB]

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) Courses 2014
The Department of Education, within the School of Education and Social Work, is
delighted to announce its new suite of enhancement courses for Mathematics in
the academic year 2014.
We have extended our range of courses to facilitate and improve preparation and
successful entry to specialist Mathematics Initial Teacher Education programmes
(including PGCE, SD, SD salaried and SCITT).
This leaflet outlines the aims and minimum requirements for both of our courses.
Medium SKE (full time) – NCTL funded
Boost your subject knowledge and explore the possibilities
and excitement Mathematics has to offer by attending our
20 week enhancement course. Attendance at university is
expected for the first eighteen weeks, finishing with a two
week distance learning module designed to develop your
mathematical pedagogy.
Taught by a range of experienced practitioners, you will
learn key concepts, deepen your understanding of the
subject and improve your maths skills alongside like-minded
people. The course should enable you to teach up to Key
Stage 3 and GCSE level, and some A-Level Mathematics.
Attendance expected: 24th March 2014* – 27th July 2014
Minimum requirements:
An A/AS level in Mathematics**.
A degree in any subject (preferably with a
mathematical element e.g. economics,
A passion for Mathematics.
* late start date option available based on individual
** those without an A/AS level equivalent will be considered on
an individual basis.
Assessed throughout the course using a variety of different
methods including a subject knowledge audit and an
individual portfolio of your own, personal subject knowledge
development, you will complete the course feeling confident
with your level of subject knowledge for starting your Initial
Teacher Training.
Short SKE (full time) – NCTL funded
Refresh your subject knowledge and ignite your excitement
for Mathematics by immersing yourself in the subject for
four weeks of full time study on campus. A further two
weeks of distance learning will develop your understanding
of mathematical pedagogy.
This course is designed to investigate mathematical
concepts at a deeper level and to see beyond the ‘rules’
and conventions we have become comfortable with, giving
a different perspective on the learning of mathematics.
Taught by experienced practitioners demonstrating
techniques and sharing resources that can be used in the
classroom, you will leave the course feeling well prepared
for starting your Initial Teacher Training.
Attendance expected: 30th June 2014 – 25th July 2014
Minimum requirements:
An A/AS level in Mathematics.
A degree in a Mathematically related subject
A passion for Mathematics
To be eligible for NCTL funding you must:
 have been recommended for an SKE course by your ITE provider as
a condition of your Initial Teacher Education (ITE) place. Written
evidence required.
SKE students receive a tax-free bursary,
dependent on regular attendance and
progress. The amount varies according to
the length of the course as follows:
 have a confirmed place on an ITE programme starting September
 not have previously attended any other TA or NCTL-funded SKE
Course Length
There are no fees for this course.
“Invaluable course, would recommend everyone attend prior to starting a PGCE course. So many ideas
and resources to use and further enhance your knowledge”
“It has prepared me much more than expected. It has increased my subject knowledge and highlighted the
areas I need to go back and revise. It has also increased my teaching competence, with the many useful
ideas and resources we have been shown. It has made me more excited about doing my PGCE in
“This course has; enhanced my subject knowledge, boosted my confidence, improved my people and
communication skills, taught me the basic teaching techniques, and deepened my understanding.”
“Just thanks for a great course! “
Application forms are downloadable via
Irene Dallaway Gonzalez
SKE Mathematics Course Leader
Admissions Co-ordinator
Tel: (01273) 877163
The University of Sussex makes every
effort to ensure that the information it
provides about programmes and
courses is accurate at the time of
printing. We reserve the right to
change or discontinue any course
without notice.