10 Points

Additional Textbook Activities
Below you will find various activities to complete using the textbook. Each
activity notes the points possible for successful completion of the work.
Natural Environment – 15 points
l. Examine the Climatic Regions map on page 52. What region do you live in?
What is a definition of that region?
2. Examine the Natural Vegetation map on page 69. What region do you live in?
List five (5) examples of vegetation you would find in your region.
3. List and explain the three major soil groups (p. 76-77) found in western Oregon
and Washington.
Native Cultures – 10 points
l. On pages 87-88 four native legends are shared. Which one did you find most
interesting? Why?
2. Examine the map on page 93 of Native American tribes. Which ones are
familiar names to you? Have you ever visited areas managed by the tribes you
mentioned? If yes, what did you learn?
Page 108 – 10 points
Respond to “C – Understanding Concepts”, Question #1. Your answer should be
between 75-100 words.
Sea and Land Exploration – 10 points
l. Examine the Timeline on page 111. What country explored the N.W. the most?
What person explored the region the most? During what century did most of the
exploring occur?
2. Read about the N.W. Passage on page 113. What is the goal of the route?
Who was the first to make it through? Is it a practical route? Why/Why not?
3. Read about the discovery of the Columbia River on page 118. Who discovered
it? (non native!) From what did the river get its name? What two countries used
their discoveries to argue border rights?
The Fur Trade – 10 Points
l. Read about the Four Fur Trade Companies in pages 132 – 140. What company,
in your opinion, did the most to leave a positive impact upon our region? Why?
Boundary Disputes – 10 Points
l. Read about the U.S. / Canada boundary on page 189, “4000 Miles of
Friendship.” List your favorite facts you learned. What did the slogan, “Fifty-fourforty, or fight” refer to?
They Were There! – 15 Points
l. Read the journal entries by J.P. Judson on pages 202 & 204. What did you find
most interesting about his records?
2. Complete “B – Developing Map Skills” on page 209, numbers 1 & 2.
Early Economic Development – 10 Points
l. Turn to page 248.
Complete the following in one-two sentences: Developing Vocabulary Skills:
Cannery, labor unions, shaft milling, bankruptcy, economic depression, social
Complete the following using short essay: Understanding Concepts: 3, 7, 9.
The People – 10 Points
1. Turn to page 318.
Complete the following using one-two sentences: Developing Vocabulary Skills:
Cluster, density, urban, Void, homogeneous, suburb.
Complete the following using short essay: Understanding Concepts: 1,3,6.