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What is FCCLA?
Family, Career and Community Leaders of
America (FCCLA), is an organization for
middle school and high school students
involved in Consumer and Family Sciences at
their schools. FCCLA is the only Career and
Technical Organization with family as the
central focus.
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Colorado FCCLA
Family, Career, and
Community Leaders of
The FCCLA Mission
To promote personal growth and leadership
sciences education. Focusing on the multiple
roles of family member, wage earner and
community leader, members develop skills for
life through character development, creative
and critical thinking, interpersonal
communication, practical knowledge, and
development through family and consumer
career preparation.
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FCCLA provides opportunities for students at the
local, state, and national levels.
Local chapters, districts, and State associations
elect their own youth officers. Officer positions
may include President, Vice President,
Secretary, VP of Finance, VP or Events, VP of
Public Relations, VP of Membership, VP of
Programs, VP of Recognition, and VP of
The FCCLA National Membership includes over
200,000 members from all 53 state associations
including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico,
and the Virgin Islands.
FCCLA is a Career and Technical Student
Organization (CTSO).
STAR Events
Upcoming Events
STAR Events (Students Taking Action with
Recognition) are competitive events for members.
The members are recognized for achievement in
projects, leadership skills, and career preparation.
Add information about your meeting schedule
here. Also add any upcoming fundraisers or
important dates at your school. Some FCCLA
dates are below.
Events offer skill development and application
relating to the Consumer and Family Sciences
curriculum. FCCLA offers over 30 events under the
foundational, leadership, and career preparation
Popular Foundational events include Applied
Technology, Entrepreneurship, Focus on Children,
Life Event Planning, Parliamentary Procedure, and
Recycle and Redesign.
Popular Leadership events include Chapter Service
Project Display or Manual, Chapter Showcase Display
or Manual, and National Programs in Action.
Colorado State Service Day: October 12, 2012
National Cluster Meeting, Reno, NV:
November 9-11, 2012
National Cluster Meeting, Oklahoma City, OK:
November 16-18, 2012
FCCLA Week: February 11-15, 2013
State Leadership Conference: April 11-13, 2013
Popular Career Preparation events include Culinary
Arts, Fashion Design, Fashion Construction, Food
Innovations, and Interior Design.
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