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Data types – Images & Sounds
Jack Shepherd
Digital images are composed of binary:
-1 bit: 2 colours (black and white)
-2 bit: 4 colours
-3 bit: 8 colours
-4 bits: 16 colours
-8 bits: 256 colours
Metadata is data concerning data. Image metadata contains information about the resolution, bit depth and
size of pixels.
-Resolution: the amount of images tall x wide the image is, an image with higher resolution is of better quality
than one of low resolution.
-Bit-depth: the range of colours able to be replicated by each pixel, the higher the bit depth the more colours
can be used and so the image will be more life-like.
Images can be stored as vectors or bitmaps:
-Vector: a vector is an image type that is basically a series of calculations that generates a path from A to B.
(won’t pixelate). The file size of the vector file is also not affected by the size of the image itself.
-Bitmap: a bitmap is a type of image that is comprised of pixels (will pixelate if zoomed). The size of the file is
affected by the size of the image.
Analogue sound data is sampled at intervals to create a digital file, the higher the sample rate, the better
quality the sound file.
Lower quality (lower sample rate)
Higher quality (higher sample rate)