FID 1 for pottery and ceramic techniques, regular and advanced

FID for Pottery and Ceramic Techniques and Advanced PCT
 Watch the following link on youtube and answer the accompanying questions
 Submit completed worksheet as an attachment to an email to [email protected]
 Name your file with class period then last name, first initial : document name should look like this: 1bonistallim
1. How many thousands of years old are the earth’s oldest pottery fragments?
2. What did the shapes of the world’s earliest pots reflect? Also give an example of a specific shape for a
specific purpose
3. Many ancient pots that have survived through the years had served what purpose?
4. If an item that people felt someone would need in the afterlife was too big to place in a tomb, how did
they use clay to provide those items for burial?
5. Give an example of a clay model that was placed in a tomb to accompany a soul in the afterlife
6. What is the difference between earthenware and stone ware?
7. What is the name of the structure used to evenly heat clay to make stoneware?
8. About how many years ago was the potter’s wheel invented in China and Egypt?
9. Name one advantage of using a potter’s wheel?
10. Name one advantage of adding glaze to a pot.
11. What is a second layer of clay called, which is brushed on and can be carved through, to create color
difference and design?
12. What mineral creates a dark blue color when fired?
13. What did experimentation with minerals and metallic oxides allow to be added to the surface of
14. Name one imperfection given to pottery during firings that people began to prize as symbols of
humility and beauty which seemed to resonate with the ideals of their tea ceremonies?