Instructions - Derrick Smith

Certification Exam Review
Complete the following using the Certification Review spreadsheet posted on my website:
Grades Workbook:
1. Insert a row at the top of the page.
2. In Cell A1, insert the following text:
a. “Grades for Mr. Smith’s Class”
3. Merge and Center cells A1:I1.
4. Bold the text in A1 and increase the font to 16 points.
5. Hide column C.
6. Fill the rest of the date series from D2:I2
a. All dates should be 1 week apart.
7. Apply a new conditional formatting rule to the range D4:I17
a. Use a 3 color scale
b. Minimum-Red
c. Midpoint-Yellow
d. Maximum-Green
e. Accept all defaults
8. Create a header with you name on it.
9. Set the print area for A1:I17
10. Also set the print area to show the gridlines.
11. Print the page and turn it in to the box.
Statistics Worksheet
1. Bold the column headings.
2. Use the statistical functions AVG/MIN/MAX to find the average, minimum, and
maximum scores for each student.
a. Use the scores listed on the Grades worksheet.
3. Create a header with your name on it.
4. In cell H2, use the COUNTIF function to count up the number of 0’s students earned on
the Grades worksheet.
5. Create a table out of the cells A1 through E15 using Table Style Light 10.
6. Select cells A2:E2.
a. Define the name, “Robbie” for this selection.
7. Right below your table, insert a clip art picture of a desk.
a. Crop this picture into the shape of a heart.
8. Set the print area to include all text/tables/pictures on your page.
9. Show the gridlines.
10. Print the page and turn it in to the box.