Capacitative Techniques for Large Scale Infrastructure Challenges

VCASE is proud to host the upcoming lecture
series, “Capacitive Techniques for Large Scale
Infrastructure Challenges: The Water-Energy
Nexus,” by Kelsey Hatzell, PhD candidate, Drexel
University in Material Science and Engineering.
The transmission and distribution of electricity requires that supply and
demand are in constant balance. Thus, the intermittent mode at which
clean energy technologies (wind, solar, hydro) generate electricity
presents challenges for the reliable integration of these technologies.
Incorporating grid energy storage, adds a time variable to our electricity
system, which will enable a diverse energy generation system, and
promote the development of smart grid technologies.
Flow-assisted electrochemical energy storage (FAESS) systems are
promising candidates for grid energy storage because of their scalability,
and operational flexibility. This talk intends to discuss an emerging new
concept of FAESS systems based on flowable capacitive suspensions
(The Electrochemical Flow Capacitor). Furthermore, this talk will focus
broadly on how capacitive techniques can address some of the grand
challenges of our generation: energy (grid level energy storage) and
accessibility of clean drinking water (desalination).
Location: October 4th, CEER 205, 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
The talk will be recorded. To watch it live, click here!