Projects make up 40% of the overall trimester grade. Scholars who

“Making a New Nation”
Unit Project
Fifth grade scholars in Ms. Dawson’s reading
class have recently completed an informative
and exciting unit titled, “Making a New
Nation”. Scholars will be responsible for
submitting a final project for this unit no later
than Monday, March 4th, 2013.
Projects make up 40% of the overall trimester
grade. Scholars who do not submit this project by the due date will not be able
to receive a grade higher than a 60%. Late assignments will not be accepted;
so, it is very important for scholars to plan carefully and get to work right
away! Scholars may find helpful information on the internet, at the library, in
their reading textbook, and on the RELA page of Ms. Dawson’s wikispace page,
( view the project details carefully and
email Ms. Dawson as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns.
To contact Ms. Dawson, send an email to: [email protected]
Scholar’s Name: ________________________________________ Date: __________
Ms. Dawson
Email: [email protected]
Project Scoring Rubric:
Scholar and Parent Signature Page: Due 2-22-13
Project Planning Sheet: Due 2-25-13
Project Submission: Due 3- 4-13
Project Presentation: 3-4-13 to 3-7-13
Ms. Dawson
(10 points)
(10 points)
(60 points)
(20 points)
Email: [email protected]
Project Choices
1. Timeline (25 points)
Create a timeline that includes at least 10 events from the American
Revolution. Each event on the timeline should include a visual, date,
location, and 1-2 sentence summary of what occurred.
2. Diary (35 points)
Imagine that you are a child growing up as a colonist during the
American Revolution. Create a diary that includes six events that you
have experienced. Remember to use first- person point of view and to
include personal feelings and specific details to make your entries
3. Artifacts Scrapbook (25 points)
Create a scrapbook of 10 objects, pictures, and other artifacts related to
the American Revolution. Include a 4-5 sentence summary for each
artifact. Explain why you chose the artifact and how it relates to the
4. Movie Trailer (35 points)
Create a movie trailer for one of the stories that we read during class
related to the American Revolution. Don’t forget to state the names of
the actors who will play in the movie.
5. Interview (25 points)
Imagine that you could interview any historical figure that played a role
in the American Revolution. Who would you interview? What questions
would you ask? What might their responses be? Make a recording of this
6. Newspaper (35 points)
Ms. Dawson
Email: [email protected]
Take time to examine a newspaper. Notice that newspapers include
special features such as photos with captions, headings, subtopics, etc.
Create your own newspaper company. Write 5 articles of five different
events that occurred during the American Revolution. Your articles
should answer the 5W’s 1H of each article topic (who, what, when,
where, why, and how).
7. Cause and effect Mobile (25 points)
There were several events that occurred during the American
Revolution. Make a mobile to organize the cause and effect of 5 events.
Remember, an event can have more than one cause; and, a cause may
lead to more than one effect.
8. Art Speaks (35 points)
Research 3 pieces of artwork that depicts some part of the American
Revolution. Print a copy of each piece of work. Type the title and artist
of each art piece. Provide a 4-5 sentence description of the specific
event that is being reflected in the artwork. Tell what medium or
special effects the artist may have used?
Ms. Dawson
Email: [email protected]
Scholar and Parent Signature Page
This page is to ensure that parents are aware of the reading project and
the resources available to aid their scholar with the project’s
completion. Also, scholars are to be held accountable for completing the
project by the due date and requesting assistance or stating concerns in
a timely manner. Please sign and return this page to Ms. Dawson by
Friday, February 22nd, 2013. This is the first component to be submitted
for the project. It is worth 10% of the overall project grade. If this page
is not submitted by Friday, February 22nd, 2013, scholars will not be
able to receive above a 90% on the unit project.
Parent Signature
Scholar Signature
Ms. Dawson
Email: [email protected]
Project Planning Sheet
Choice 1: ____________________________________________ Points: ____________
Steps to Completion
Choice 2:________________________________________________ Points: __________
Steps to Completion
Ms. Dawson
Email: [email protected]
Ms. Dawson
Email: [email protected]
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