Supply List for Benita McNider Oil Painting Oil Colors: Titanium

Supply List for Benita McNider Oil Painting
Oil Colors:
Titanium white and ivory black
Cadmium Yellow (tweety bird color) medium
Raw sienna OR yellow ochre
Cadmium red light AND alizarin crimson
Sap green AND thalo or veridian green
Prussian blue AND cerulean blue
Burnt sienna AND raw umber
Burnt umber and naples yellow are optional
Note: If you are buying new and/or replenishing oil paint, please avoid all “student grade” brands of
paint. They are low pigment products.
Supports and sizes: You may paint on canvas or board, just as long as surfaces are primed properly. I do
NOT recommend any brand of stretched canvas other than Fredix, any of their fabrics. Bring size 16x20”
support size to first class. Buy narrow, rather than the wide edge canvas, for economy, if you are
Clean cotton rags, small size 12”x12” or so.
Paper towels or roll of toilet paper
Palette on which to mix paints, paper of other
Soft, vine charcoal, eraser – kneaded or other
Assortment of brushes: preferably a mix of filbert and rounds, large and small. Non-synthetic bristles.
Artist’s linseed oil and small jar w/lid
Palette knife and pair of pliers
For safety, reasons, we will NOT use turps and/or mineral spirits during class. The linseed oil
will work as our “medium” and our “brush cleaning liquid”. Be sure to bring a small jar with
lids, 2 would be even better. Apron/smock/gloves optional.