Name: Date: 4th grade Social Studies Review test #2 Mrs. E

Name: ______________________________
Date: __________________________
4th grade
Review test #2
Social Studies
Mrs. E. Sánchez
I-Fill in the blank with the correct word.
natural resources
Nonrenewable resources
Renewable resources
1. ________________________________ are those that can be reused or can be replaced.
2. Are all those things that nature provides and which human beings makes us of are called
3. ________________________________ are those that come from the Earth’s crust and
once used cannot be extracted again.
4. Top soil that covers the surface of a place is known as ______________________.
5. _____________________________ are shallow deposits of salt or fresh water near the
6. Dams, the waters of the rivers are called __________________________.
7. The _______________________ animal is endangered of extinction.
8. “El Yunque” is located in _________________________________.
II- Match.
______ Natural Vegetation
a. A type of dry winds coming from high subtropical spheres.
______ Hydroelectric
b. Set of plants native to a place.
______ Temperature
c. Forms of the Earth’s surface.
______ Relief
______ Humidity
d. Existing environmental water vapor.
e. Horizontal air current that ranges from a breeze to a
f. Pressure exerted by the atmosphere on the surface of the
______ Elevation
g. Height of a place over sea level.
______ Topography
______ Wind
h. Ground surface.
______ Atmospheric pressure
i. Level of heat or cold in the atmosphere measured in degrees.
______ Trade winds
j. Related to the production of energy by means of water.
III- Write for each statement T for true or F for false. Explain the false ones.
1. ______ Cutting trees is a way to conserve the soil.
Explanation: _______________________________________________
2. ______ Puerto Rican fauna is as plentiful and varied as the flora.
Explanation: _______________________________________________
3. ______ Population growth forces us to build more homes.
Explanation: _______________________________________________
4. ______ There are different types of forests.
Explanation: _______________________________________________
5. ______ Mangrove swamps help to prevent soil erosion.
Explanation: _______________________________________________
6. ______ Many species of flora and fauna of the island are endangered.
Explanation: _______________________________________________
IV- Put in order of sequence using numbers 1-4.
_____ Clouds are produced.
_____ Air becomes saturated.
_____ Humidity is condensed.
_____ It rains.