HLC Tech Planning Committee Minutes September 9, 2011 Present

HLC Tech Planning Committee
September 9, 2011
Present: Donna Pearson, Joan Hawthorne, Jeff Sun, Pat O’Neill, Lori Robison, Wilbur Stolt, Curt Hanson,
Shelby Harken, Kristi Swartz, Lori Swinney and Chad Bushy
Joan Hawthorne called the meeting to order at 2:00PM and asked everyone to introduce themselves.
Purpose of this meeting was to discuss how to store, access and display information. Members of CILT
were present to lend their expertise to the discussion.
Discussion was held on the need to have consistent labels for documents, etc. Documents will consist of
written text, graphs, photos, minutes, contracts, organizational charts, webpages, audio, video, etc.
Also would like to identify one person in each criterion group to upload documents. One thought was to
have a member of CILT on each criterion group so everything is done in a consistent manner.
Discussion on the differences between Blackboard and Sharepoint and what would be more useful to
the committee.
Sharepoint goes along with BPOS and is a sharing site between users. There is a limit of 50GB – is a
temporary file- not intended for long term – not sure on the handling of mulit-media files. Sharepoint is
too limited and the recommendation is that Sharepoint not be used.
Blackboard – ease of use – tech support on campus – rules can be set up to allow for anything that is
needed in the storage and access area. A consistent labeling system will need to be used.
Six area of need:
1) Standardization – export to the Intuitional Repository (IR)
a. Use a transmittal sheet for each file and upload with the file – PDF writable form
b. Identify one person in each group to upload
2) Search features - retrieval, indexing, cataloging, labeling, metadata
a. Create a template document that is used as a cover sheet to be used to add the
metadata when the file is uploaded
b. Scanner with OCR for search and screen reader
c. When final document is created, the previous versions are removed or do we keep them
as reference files?
3) Documents – types of files
a. Word
b. Excel
c. Pdfs
d. Web links
e. Audio
f. Video
g. Images
4) Revision, CVC, history – tracking, ability to return to earlier versions
5) Levels of Access – editing capabilities, off campus access, downtime
6) Space
Discussions held on:
The need for a template so that everyone stores the files in a similar manner.
Have one person from each criterion do the uploading – possibly one person from CILT on each group.
Keeping conclusions all in one file.
Revisions – auto rename of document, use track changes.
Next meeting Wednesday, September 14th at 9:00AM
Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Schill