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Catherine T. Smith
Missoula, MT ● [email protected] ● 406.529.5555
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology – Option in Microbial Ecology
Minors: Chemistry, Mathematics
University of Montana
(GPA: 3.58)
May 2015
Missoula, MT
Research Experience
Undergraduate Research, University of Montana
Smith, C. T., & Johnson, C. C. (2015). Effects of epigenetic changes in bacteria in small and large lake
ecosystems. Poster presented at the University of Montana Conference on Undergraduate Research, Missoula,
Undergraduate Research
January 2014 – May 2015
University of Montana – Division of Biological Sciences
Missoula, MT
• Worked independently in a lab setting, showing motivation and initiative to learn new methods and
• Prepared and analyzed bacterial cultures and smears for control and experimental groups
• Performed tests on specimens, including Gram staining, and prepared dilutions
• Assisted in drafting laboratory reports detailing procedures, methods, results, and implications
Relevant Experience
Chemistry Intern
May 2015 – Present
Blue Marble Biomaterials
Missoula, MT
• Perform organic chemical reactions and analyze products by TLC, GCMS, and HPLC
• Utilize column chromatography and methods for increasing reaction efficiency and yields
• Write accurate and concise reports for review by chemist
Peer Advising Intern
Fall/Spring Semesters, 2013 – 2015
University of Montana – Division of Biological Sciences
Missoula, MT
• Helped undergraduates consider life circumstances when registering for classes
• Informed students about educational standards for Biology majors and careers
• Connected students with necessary campus resources
Peer-Led Team Learning Workshop Leader
Fall/Spring Semesters, 2012 – 2014
University of Montana – Department of Chemistry
Missoula, MT
• Proctored quizzes during lecture times
• Lead 10-12 students in weekly sessions to work through chemistry concepts and problem solving
strategies and in solving chemistry problems during lectures
Additional Experience
Waitress, Mustard Seed, Missoula, MT
Certified Nurse Aide, Village Health Care Center, Missoula, MT
June 2011 – Present
January 2010 – February 2011