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Read over your notes on page 345.
Read pages 346-347 one time through, highlighting or underlining key information if you wish.
When finished reading, close your binder.
Answer the questions as best you can without using the reading.
When finished, open your study guide back to pages 346-347.
Check your answers, and make any corrections you need to make.
When finished, turn this page in to the projector cart.
Work on your Final Need to Know List. Your Final is on Thursday!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. In the first sentence of the reading, what does the word “makeshift” mean?
a. Build on volcanic sands
b. To help soldiers
c. Temporary
d. Military
2. According to the reading, what was the reaction of the American soldiers to the raising of the flag on Mt.
a. Questioning why it was so small
b. Upset it was raised before the end of the battle
c. Celebration
d. Fear it could get them killed
3. When Goron states that “the men acted like a bunch of kids” what was he intending to communicate to the
a. That the men refused to listen to orders and instead did what they wanted
b. They were happy and cheerful like children often are
c. That the soldiers feared punishment and did what was commanded
d. They were afraid of the dark and what could happen at night
4. Approximately how many casualties did the US suffer at Iwo Jima? (Casualties means dead + wounded)
a. Close to 26,000
c. Close to 50,000
b. Close to 40,000
d. Close to 100,000
5. In the reading, it is stated that the attack on Iwo Jima was part of the island hopping strategy. What was island
hopping? (This is from your notes, not the reading)
a. Attacking only the most important Japanese islands
b. Attacking each island the Japanese held
c. Attacking each island on which Japanese soldiers were located
d. Attacking only Japan and ignoring the islands
6. Why did Raymond Goron and his fellow corpsman attack Iwo Jima?
a. The Japanese used Iwo Jima as a launching pad for their attacks
b. Iwo Jima had three air strips to use to bomb Tokyo
c. Iwo Jima had previously belonged to the United States
d. Iwo Jima was important to liberate or free China
7. When you read, “In a hospital hastily built just off the beach” hastily meant what?
a. Necessary and very important
b. Medically necessary to treat victims
c. Quickly and without attention to much detail
d. Regretfully now looking back
8. Why were corpsman instructed to take the Red Cross emblems off their uniforms?
a. Because all men were expected to fight
b. No one was allowed to wear them
c. The Red Cross is anti-war
d. They were easy targets for the Japanese
9. According to the reading, how did Goron’s blanket catch on fire?
a. An accident in the hospital
b. A cigarette given to him
c. A Japanese rocket
d. Flamethrower
10. Why did the Japanese pretend to be wounded Americans?
a. To get help in American hospitals
b. To get the Red Cross to give them assistance
c. They were eager to surrender
d. Tending to the wounded is something Americans take seriously
11. Why was Goron disappointed in the second flag raising on Mt. Suribachi?
a. Many have forgotten the first soldiers to raise the flag
b. He was not invited to be a part of the ceremony which is why he went to Iwo Jima in the first place
c. The flag was too small and difficult to see
d. The plaque placed there was inadequate
12. For what reason could Goron have received a military exemption?
a. He had an injury from his football career
b. He worked on the railroads
c. He was still in high school
d. His father was in World War I
13. For what reason did Goron enlist in the Navy?
a. He wanted revenge from Pearl Harbor
b. He wanted to help the men who were injured at Cape May
c. He wanted to see the world
d. He wanted an adventure
14. What commendations did Goron receive?
a. Silver Cross
b. Purple Heart
c. Medal of Honor
d. Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
15. What does Goron say about the island of Iwo Jima?
a. As a nightmarish place to which no one should ever go
b. As a place that should be cherished by all Americans
c. As a place he can never forget
d. As a place where he grew up.