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World History
Home Work - The Industrial Revolution
Due Wednesday, Feb. 11th
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Please use the provided pages in your textbook to describe the following inventions/innovations during the Industrial
Flying Shuttle (614)
Cotton Gin (614)
Turnpikes (614)
Canals (615)
Steam Locomotive (615)
Steel/Bessemer Process
Electric Power (663)
Interchangeable Parts (663)
Assembly Line (663)
Automobile (664)
Airplane (664)
Communications (664-665)
Read “Owen’s Utopia” on page 624. Answer the following:
1. Based on the images, how did life for children at New Lanark differ from those who lived in industrial cities?
2. Do you think Utopianism was an effective solution for the challenges of the Industrial Age? Why or why not?
Read pages 667-671. Answer the following:
1. Explain the reasons for the population boom (increase) in the late 1800’s.
2. List and explain 3 ways that city life changed in the 1800’s.
3. How did new laws help workers in the late 1800’s?
4. How did the growth of cities challenge the differences between the social classes in the late 1800’s?