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Arts and Culture Presentation Grant
Application Guidelines and Criteria
The Arts and Culture Presentation Grant (ACPG) supports school groups in staging
performances, exhibitions, or producing literary publications for public audiences.
Administered by the National Arts Council and supported by the Ministry of Education and
National Heritage Board, the ACPG creates more opportunities for youths to have a deeper
engagement with arts, heritage and cultural activities by showcasing their work to the public.
We hope that such an experience will motivate students to nurture their interests and talents
beyond school and encourage them to see themselves as part of a wider arts and culture
The ACPG can be used to support presentations such as (but not limited to) a play, musical,
dance production, exhibition, concert or literary arts event (e.g. poetry reading) at a public
performing space, gallery, concert hall, park, library, community centre, museum, etc.
Literary projects for public audiences (e.g. a collection of prose and poetry published for
public distribution, or a poetry recital or public reading at a bookstore or library in conjunction
with the literary publication) are also supported by the grant. This includes
digital presentations or e-books.
The grant will cover up to 80% or up to $10,000 (whichever is lower) of the projected costs.
The grant amount awarded, decided by our panel of assessors from NHB and MOE, will be
based on the merit of the proposal.
The grant will be disbursed in two tranches: (a) 80% at the point of the award and (b) 20%
upon the completion of the presentation, and the submission of the necessary budget and
evaluation reports.
The grant is open to all Primary and Secondary schools as well as JCs / CI, ITEs and SPED
schools. To allow other schools to benefit from the grant, school applicants who received the
grant from the previous cycle (2015) are not eligible to apply in this round.
Priority will be given to schools and projects where students are presenting their works for
the first time to the public or have had limited opportunities to do so.
Criterion 1 – Artistic Merit: Applications should demonstrate clear artistic and
educational outcomes and how the presentation will engage students in developing
further interest in the arts. It should also be specified how the teachers/ arts
instructors/ artists will be involved in the presentation.
Criterion 2 – Creation of New Opportunity: Applications should demonstrate how the
presentation will provide new artistic experiences for students and opportunities to
reach out to the community beyond their school. This can include (but is not limited to)
- musical production by students from different CCA groups;
- arts performance that brings together several schools;
- a visual arts exhibition held at a community venue; or
- presentation of an art form that students are not exposed to in their school
- A collection of prose or poetry published for public sale or distribution
either in partnership with publishers, bookstores, or the libraries.
Criterion 3 – Project management: Applications should illustrate how the set budget
would contribute to students’ learning and development. Proposals that demonstrate
how the school will work with relevant community partners will be considered
In addition, the evaluation will also consider how this project contributes to the arts
and culture environment in the school.
The application window for projects commencing in 2016 will be from 17th August 2015 to
30th October 2015.
All completed application forms (including principal’s signature) should be submitted by 30th
October 2015 to:
Arts Education Unit
National Arts Council
90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre
Blk A, #01-01, Singapore 439053
Attn.: Ivy Lam
You can also contact NAC at the above email address if you have any queries.
Arts and Culture Presentation Grant
Application Form
Incomplete forms will not be eligible. Please print clearly or type. No space in the form should be left
blank. Insert ‘NA’ or ‘NIL’ where applicable. Please tick appropriate boxes or delete accordingly.
Date of submission
(Please tick all
that apply
Film and Multimedia
Visual Art
School Address
of Mr / Mrs / Miss / Dr*
Art SH, teacher
Contact Number
Email Address
(B) Presentation Details
Presentation Title
Start Date
Completion Date
Proposed Venue
Audience Profile
% Students, staff, parents
% public audience
Projected Income
(if any)
Description of Presentation
Please describe your proposed presentation in no more than 300 words, covering
content synopsis, artistic concept, theme(s), etc. where appropriate. If the school is
engaging an artist/arts group, please indicate the name of the artist/arts group and
describe the collaboration briefly.
Student Involvement
Please describe the student profile involved and how these students will benefit from
the presentation, especially in terms of how new opportunities are being created for
Total Estimated Costs of Presentation
Please describe the operational costs that your proposed presentation would likely incur.
This can include purchase or rental of venue, props, sets, art supplies, instruments,
equipment, costumes, etc. as well as the hiring of services for production management,
sound and lighting, etc.
Operational costs
Item description
Eg: Venue costs, equipment hire, material costs, set &
costume rental, musical instruments rental, printing costs,
marketing collaterals, programme booklet etc.
Manpower/ artists / instructor / costs
Eg: cost per hour for artist or instructor
Miscellaneous costs
Eg: transport for students, meals for students, etc.
Sponsorships or grants received from other organisations:
Total projected cost:
Principal’s Signature
Name of Principal:
*include school stamp
(including GST)
Annex A
1. Fundraising, religion-based and commemorative school events (e.g. Speech Day,
Year Books, Milestone Anniversary publications, Open Houses) will not be funded
under this scheme.
2. NAC’s selection of the recipient(s) of the ACPG is final.
3. All applicants are responsible for obtaining Public Performance Rights and the
appropriate permits and licences for the use of all copyrighted materials. NAC shall
not be liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the applicants.
4. Schools must provide access to NAC and its representatives for evaluation of the
presentation upon request by NAC.
5. Post-project evaluation must be submitted within two months of the completion of
the project. The remaining tranch may be withheld or forfeited if post-project
evaluation is not received within 6 months of the project’s completion. Applicant will
also not be eligible to apply for future NAC grants.
6. NAC reserves the right to recover funding in cases where actual expenditure is
significantly lower than projected.
7. NAC reserves the right to withhold or seek return of the ACPG if it is not satisfied that
the ACPG is being used in the manner intended.
8. NAC also reserves the right to recover funding or withhold the remaining tranch if the
project end date is beyond a year from the first tranch of grant disbursement.
9. Failure to comply with any of the abovementioned terms and conditions may
influence the outcome of future applications.