ITA CHECKLIST – 8.31.15 (24.91 kB, docx)

ITA Checklist
Career Advisor:
Date of OWCMS Enrollment
Basic Career Services List
☐ Resume Workshop
☐ Labor Market Information
☐ Job Search Activities
☐ Referrals to Community Resources
☐ Interview Workshop
☐ Career Counseling
☐ Referrals to Business Solutions
☐ Initial Skills Assessment
Specialized Assessments
☐ Work Keys
☐ Individual Employment Plan (IEP)
☐ Present job skills
☐ Relevant work history
☐ Employment goal
☐ Appropriateness
☐ Job search documentation
☐ Employment Pre-hire letters
☐ Establish occupational training needs
☐ Address job skill gaps
☐ FAFSA – Financial Aid
☐ Complete Student Loan Obligation Form
☐ ITA Narrative
☐ Justification (include LMI information from state)
☐ Review industry report with customer
☐ Meeting with customer
☐ Establish training program appropriateness
☐ Establish training needs
☐ Verify training program request
☐ Review and complete Individual Training Account Application Packet
☐ Set second appointment with Career Planner for final review of packet
☐ Signed Voucher
☐ Complete ITA request and recommendation form.
☐ Career Planner submission to Director for final approval
☐ ITA Approved
Date: __________
Data Entry: ☐ Gazelle ☐ OWCMS
Career Advisor: _____________________________________________ __
☐ Cats
Date: ____________________
JF 8/31/15
The customer will go through our normal registration process and orientation. Customer will be assigned to a
Career Advisor who will begin the enrollment process. This process includes determination of funding stream (i.e.
Adult or Dislocated) and review of services the customer qualifies for. Individual is scheduled for assessment
testing (TABE and the like) and performs job search based on current skills. Additional information regarding
dependents and proof of income is required for Basic and Individualized Career Services.
Basic Career Services
Basic Career Services must be utilized to insure customer has explored resources and activities to address
employment barriers. Career Planner should discuss whether any employment or life barriers exist which need to
be addressed. Individual should continue to search for employment based upon their existing skills.
An assessment must be given to the customer to determine compatibility and appropriate factors to the training
program they are requesting. The assessment must be documented and put in the customer file.
IEP- Employment Plan
Career Planner develops an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) with the jobseeker. Career Planer reviews assessment
results with the individual and discusses career options, including training requirements to address skills gaps
Specific discussion should involve determining an employment goal for the jobseeker.
To determine appropriateness of a customer,
a) Training program must meet established guidelines for all ITAs- (*short-term—Credential/certificate based
-- $8000 per year)
b) They must provide documentation of jobs they have applied for which they are qualified.
c) Career Planner should verify all pre-hire letters identifying any concerns /issues related to the job offer.
d) The Career Planner must determine occupational training needs for the customer based on previous
education and experience. In addition to their experience, the Career Planner must address occupational
skill gaps to determine need for the customer.
e) Financial Aid must be explored as WIOA is the last resort. A FAFSA application needs to be completed for
any program which accepts federal financial aid.
f) Current Transcripts must be submitted to show “good standing”
ITA Narrative
With the direction of the Career Planner, each customer must write a narrative that speaks to their training and
employment goal. There also needs to be detail on the customer employment outlook and how the training will
allow them to become self-sufficient.
Based on all information gathered on the customer, the Career Planner must create a narrative that justifies the
reason to approve the requested ITA. The justification covers employment goal, potential barriers, and current
state of the customer. This form needs to be as detailed as possible.
Industry Reports
Refer to specific industry report that is related to the training request. In this report, the customer will have an
understanding of what hot jobs are available in their respective field, available schools, and skills sets needed for
each industry. The customer will need to review the report to have a complete understanding of the industry.
JF 8/31/15
ITA Request and Recommendation
Along with ITA Application and completed Voucher, CP submits form summarizing the significant points of the
training request. CA outlines appropriate factors and costs.
Individual is referred to Director, upon determination that training is required to find employment
at a self-sufficient wage and the individual is appropriate for the training program.
JF 8/31/15