Questions 4AB

Sample Quiz Questions for Week #4AB
Environmental Studies 126
Integrated Liberal Studies 126
The quiz questions for this week will come from laboratory activities for Week #4 (and possibly
some from Week #3). There is overlap between the two weeks!
Also, here are sample questions from lectures 4A and 4B:
1. Substances burn by reacting with _______________ (give name and chemical formula)
in the air.
To keep the tungsten filament in an incandescent light bulb from burning, the bulb is filled
not with air but with _________________ (give name and chemical formula).
Nitrogen ____________________ (give name and chemical formula) also is a
component of the air. Incandescent light bulbs are not filled with nitrogen because:
2. Incandescent light bulbs are inefficient sources of light (and require more power to
operate) than LEDs or fluorescent bulbs. Explain why.
3. Given the energy in kW-h required to light a light bulb (or to run any electrical appliance),
you can calculate its carbon dioxide emissions. To do this, you need two things. What
are they?
4. a. The CO2 emissions for a unit of electricity in Wisconsin are slightly higher than the
national average for emissions in the United States. Explain why.
b. Similarly, as described in How Bad Are Bananas, the CO2 emissions for a unit of
electricity produced in the Icelandic grid are much lower than those elsewhere in the
world. Explain why.