Matter Classification Virtual Lab -


Matter Classification Virtual Lab -

Holt Laboratories needs your help classifying matter. They have some unknown chemicals that need to be disposed of and some mixtures that need to be stored properly. You are a new lab technician that has been assigned these two tasks. You observe that the mixture would store better if it was separated. Question: Does a mixture separate into all of its separate substances if someone has the proper tools? Hypothesis: Make an if,then statement with variables included Independent Variable: Which variable is being manipulated/tested? Dependent Variable: Which variable is being measured? Materials: You have a mixture of salt, sand and iron fillings as well as the equipment to the right








Put on all the safety equipment to enter the room. Decide to separate the sand, iron fillings or salt first. Then, click the container of your choice (use the Material Facts File if needed to learn about the components). Go to the equipment cupboard and grab just the equipment needed to separate the chosen component (click on the equipment manual to find out more about the equipment). Click separate to begin the process of separation. Be sure to log which equipment was needed to separate each component in detail in the data section. Continue until the entire mixture is separated if possible. Data: Put detailed information about all the components and which equipment was needed for each component. If the component could be separated, describe how. What order did they have to be separated and would all components separate. Conclusion: Use the CER format to communicate what happened. Claim – Restate your hypothesis and was it supported or rejected, Evidence – Use three supporting details from your data section, Reasoning – Make a final statement to reason together your claim and evidence (5-6 sentences required)

Classify Matter:

The lab needs you to classify three unknown substances. One is an element, one is a compound, and one is a mixture. Scrolling over each item will describe it. Put it in the appropriate label and evaluate it. Once all have been identified, check the materials disposal form. Fill in the following in your notebook: