Topographic Map Worksheet 5

Secondary 1 Geography
Topographic Maps
Worksheet 5
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Rock Mountain of Northwest Orange County
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1) What is the elevation of the following points?
A) __________
B) __________
C) ________
2) What is the contour interval (the difference between each contour line) of this map?
_____________________________ metres
3) What is the scale of this map? Give your answer in a ratio form.
4) In what direction does Fish Creek flow?
5) What is likely to be found at Point X?
6) Which side of Rock Mountain is the steepest? And which side is the gentlest? (Use
compass direction)
Gentlest: ______________________________________________
Steepest: ______________________________________________
7) What is the cross-section of AB likely to be?
Taken from
8) Complete a topographic profile, or a cross-section, of the line AB. Remember to plot the
points first, then join them together in a line. Point A is already plotted for you.
With reference to Map 18 (found on page 57 of the Geography Skills book), answer the
following questions below.
9) What are the 6-figure grid references for the quarry mine and the mine dump?
Quarry mine: _____________________
Mine dump: ________________________
10) What does the ▲ symbol stand for?
11) What is the geographical feature found between the narrow tar road, head of the reservoir
(334965) and cultivation?
12) Catherine stands at ▲. What is the direction and bearing of a) Subala and b) Masala from
Direction of Subala: ____________________
Bearing of Subala: ________________
Direction of Masala: ____________________
Bearing of Masala: _______________
13) What is the direction and bearing of Sally, who is standing at the bridge of the narrow
tarred road, from Zhihao, who is at the junction of the narrow and wide tarred roads?
Direction: _______________________________
Bearing: ________________________________
14) What is the length of River Masala between the two bridges?